Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Open House

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!!

Well, today is our Neighborhood Holiday Open House Party and I'm so thrilled that all 10 couples invited have RSVP'd they're coming ... how awesome!! Mark has been so much help with the menu and helping me around the house ... I actually think he's looking forward to the party too! He's not much of a "people person" but he loves to cook and enjoys himself once it all begins! He never fussed when I told him I wanted to have this get together. I think he wants to show our neighbors how appreciative he is of their support & kindness throughout this past years cancer journey too!!
I don't have any cards to share with you today but thought you'd like to see a few pictures of how the house is decorated for our gathering.

Here is my beautiful baker's rack which is housed in my diningroom. Mark bought this for me on my birthday while living in Toledo. He actually brought it home in his Ford Explorer ... what a sight!!! Mark is a BIG GUY and he had to have his driver's seat up nearly all the way in order for it to fit in the back. He could have had it delivered but then I wouldn't have had it ON MY BIRTHDAY ... so he opted to have the salesgirl help him manuveur it into the truck and away he went. I'm sure that 10 mile drive felt like 50 ... all crunched up while driving!! Isn't it gorgeous!!

I have various old family photos and vine/grape related items displayed through the year but at holiday time, it becomes home to a lot of my "special" Santa's. I have quite a collect from friends, family & Mark over the years and I love them all! I will show you some of them individually in a seperate post over the next couple of weeks but today ... you get to see them collectively.

Oh, please notice the corner of the tablecloth and matching napkins used on the bakers rack. I purchased them recently down home close to where my daughter lives at a place called Sheeley's Linen Outlet. I went in looking for holiday curtains for my kitchen window (which I did happily find) and discovered this particular tablecloth on one of their displays. It SO reminded me of holiday's past while growing up that I just had to have it. The had several "vintage" patterns but this one caught my eye first so I stuck with it and so glad I did!! Doesn't it just remind you of being in grandma's kitchen!!! (TeeHee ... at least for those in my age bracket!)

Now here is a view of my "parlor". Mark calls it my "poofy room"! This is MY room ... where I have my Queen Anne furniture, vintage family photos and several other "old time goodies". HE OWNS the livingroom, LOL ... not much decorating done in "his" room ... but MINE is warm & cozy and filled with all things vintage!

The funny thing is ... these two rooms are the only thing that are determined to be HIS & MINE ... everything else is totally shared! HIS livingroom throughout the year is pretty daul ... you know, a "guys" room with the HUGE screen TV, not much decorating, book & papers everywhere and a comfy couch & chair! He claims he's a simple guy and that's all he needs, LOL!!

Okay ... back to MY poofy room! Here are a few of the items in MY room that I just love. First is my Curio Cabinet ... another gift from my dear, sweet husband. He sure knows how to pick out presents!!!! Over time I have filled it with some of my most precious smaller pieces. A beautiful Lenox Angel Mark bought me one Christmas, a good luck pig that my sister brought me back from Russia, a cup & saucer set from my grandmother's collection, an indian arrowhead that belonged to my brother-in-law Alan (who went to heaven only a couple of years after I met him), a hand painted victorian porcelain slipper that my Aunt Marcy painted for me over 30 years ago ... and several other treasures.

Isn't this photo of my Brothers-In-Law adorable!!!! It was taken in the early 1950's. Alan (closest to Santa) is really "checkin' him out" ... just wants to be sure that he's the REAL THING!!! I'm sure this photo was taken at either Gimbles or Hornes in Pittsburgh, PA ... those were the two BIG stores in downtown Pittsburgh during that time frame. (click for closer view)

I just LOVE this photo! Check out the clothes ... both Drew (on the left) and Alan had on matching cowboy shirts ... but I love Alan's pants with the shoulder straps to help keep them up!!

And how about these wedding photos of my in-laws! She (Claire, my MIL) gave me these photos shortly before she started to show signs of Alzeheimer's. I'm so pleased to be able to display them in our home. Mark's father, Andy, died in 1990 of a heart attach out on the golf course. Unfortunately I only knew my father in law for about a year before his passing ... I'm sure I could have heard some wonderful stories from him if we'd only had more time together. (click for closer view)

The last photo today is a family photo of MY mother's family. There were 12 children ... actually 13 but one died at birth. Here is a photo of Grandma and all the kids back in the 60's. I'm sad to say that there are only 5 of the 12 children still alive but that's really good considering the youngest is in her mid 70's. My mom is next to the youngest and she will be 80 on January 27th. This tiered shelf was also from my grandmother's farm house. I have a matching 3-tiered corner stand which is in my upstairs hallway. (click for closer view)

Well, that's all I have for you today. Sorry no cards ... no time to create today! I hope to have photos to share with you tomorrow of the party! Now, I'd better get things finished up and ready to go! Have a great day everyone!!!


Dru said...

Hi Dar - I love your poufy room - it is very warm and inviting and your baker's rack is so beautifully decorated for the holidays. Loved seeing all your family photos and the 2 cards in the next post down are so pretty. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your teapot card. Have a wonderful holiday season - Merry Christmas. Hugs to you, Dru

Teri said...

Oh, your house looks so warm and inviting - mine is a shed in comparison!! Flaky paint, threadbare carpets, scratched skirtings - need I go on?
Wish I could come over and mooch round the rest of it!
Have a great party!
Teri xx

Alanna said...

What wonderful photos. Your bakers rack looks so great decorated as it is. And your parlor. What a fun room. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

chercroppin said...

Oh Darlene...your home just's so pretty, warm and inviting! What gorgeous decorations full of memories...gotta love that! Hope you guys had fun!

Janine said...

Beautiful Darlene.... Hope you had fun!!!

Joan Fricker said...

Darlene, your home is just beatiful. I love your "puffy" room. Your baker's rack is adorable and you have it decorated so pretty. I love those vintage things....and I can never get enough tablecloths, etc.

You and Mark have a beautiful home and I am so glad you shared it with us.