Sunday, April 18, 2010

God's wonderful creations ...

Although it is still early on this Sunday morning ... and a bit of a nip is in the air with it only being 39 degrees outside ... I just love watching all of God's creations waking up in the springtime and wanted to share some of my happiness with you! 
We planted this little crab apple tree in the front yard a few years ago and with each passing year it gets more beautiful when in bloom!  We do have another crab apple tree in the side yard that is well over 100 years old and it is just starting to pop out it's blossoms ... so I will share it with you when it is at it's best.
Aren't these blossoms beautiful!! 
 (click any image for a larger view)
Another one of my spring time favorites is the Bleeding Heart plant.  This is a small one I have at the side of the garage and there is a very large one up in our picnic area that I should have already split out this spring because it's getting toooo big ... but it is GORGEOUS with all the hearts.  Here is a close up of the hearts.
Aren't they just beautiful and so delicate looking!!  This plant is very low maintenance but like the hosta plant ... should be split out every couple of years to stay healthy.  This plant does well in shade or part shade.

I wished I had grabbed my camera last evening because the cardinals and gold finch have been VERY busy at the feeders.  The squirrels  ... well, I think they are having family reunions ... seems to be more gathering in one spot then there had been in the past.  They are so much fun to watch and now that I have feeders that they can NOT get into .. they are even more fun to watch.  They have their own feeder and areas where I spread corn & peanuts ... they don't need to be eating all the sunflower seeds too!!  We also had our pair of Mallard Ducks come to visit last evening.  They come every spring and spend time under our feeders and in the picnic area then in a few weeks they are gone.  Off doing what ducks do I guess!!

Here's wishing you a blessed Sunday and wonderful week ahead!


Kim said...

YOu know how I love these nature photos! I love your crabapple tree and the Bleeding Heart. Mine is doing really well too! Warmer days are ahead!
Enjoy this beautiful day, my sweet friend!
Kim xXx

Julie said...

Gorgeous, Darlene! Such sweet memories for me...when I grew up in Ohio, we had a beautiful crabapple tree right outside my bedroom window--I still remember how it smelled as the spring breezes came through my open window...I need one in my yard here, too!

And bleeding heart is one of my very favorite spring flowers--yours look just beautiful!

Enjoy this lovely Sunday, my friend!

Crystal said...

WOW Darlene what stunning pictures!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! Enjoy your Sunday Sweetie!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh wow!! Thanks for sharing these GORGEOUS Flowers!! What a perfect springtime image!! My bleeding hearts are out and all our Cherry and Apple trees are blossoming too. I love this time of year!! My allergies don't ....

Hope you have had a good weekend my friend!!

Miss you girl!!

jrmom said...

Your nature pictures are always so beautiful! The bleeding hearts are spectacular. The other day when it was windy, petals from the crab apple trees were blowing around. First Jon asked if it was hailing, then when he realized they were flowers he said they looked like styrofoam rolling around. I hope you Sunday was refreshing.

Lana said...

Awesome pictures Darlene!!!! Spring is such a glorious time of the year, full of rebirth! Thanks for sharing these wonderful reminders!

Dawn B. said...

Not only can you stamp but you can garden too..These are beautiful.. My bleeding heart is back in IL... I need to plant one here.. Love these pictures..

Sorry I have not visited lately.. Been a LITTLE busy....Hehe...I have spent the last week in my garden trying to get all my stuff planted before we get rain..IF we ever get rain..Hope you are all well...Hugs

Janine said...

How pretty Darlene!! Our gardens are just starting to come out..We had FROST the past two nights!! It has been ##^&^%%$ cold...