Saturday, April 17, 2010


My friend Lana (Blest with Stamps) & I got together on Thursday afternoon to figure out our Bind-It All machines.  We've both had one for several months and just hadn't taken the time to play with it.   We figured ... two heads are always better than one when figuring out a new toy!

Well, we did figure it out ... made a few mistakes along the way ... but here is my first project using the Bind-It All.  Keep in mind this is a WORK IN PROGRESS but I will share the beginning of it with you today ...

(click image for larger view)
I have chosen the beautiful, vintage designer paper from Graphic45 called Le Romantique to create "My Vintage Style" book.  I have used the 8x8 dp and adhered it to the 8x8 chipboard covers using Mod Podge before punching the holes and adding the inner paper / spine.

 (click image for larger view)
I am not exactly sure what all I will be adding to the pages of this book.  I'm thinking maybe some of "MY" vintage card fronts and probably some ATCs or tags.  I might even slip a few old family photos too.  This little project is strictly for ME so I guess I can add whatever makes me happy!!

I want to thank Lana for taking the time to help me get started on this project and being patient with me while figuring things out!!  She was also kind enough to give me several sheet of SU cardstock that match the colors of the designer paper and will be used as the "base" for my different decorate pages.  Thanks Lana!!

When this project is completed, I will be sure to share it with you in another post.  I think this is going to be a lot of fun!



This is gorgeous x never would know it is your first!! Leigh x

Kim said...

Love the new look! It is so you!
Glad you sorted out the bind it all machine! your book is so YOU! Love the vintage shabby style that is your beautiful signature!

You sound like me with my slice. Still can't figure the bloody thing out! I suppose time is mostly my issue!
Kim xXx

Amy Johnson said...

Yeah! You have a Bind-It-All! I'm so happy for you! Its such a great investment! I love your vintage book! ITs gorgeous! You did a great job...especially for your first project!

Julie said...

This is so beautiful, Darlene--what a wonderful idea!

I love that Graphic 45 line--just gorgeous!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, my friend!

Irinca said...


Teri said...

Looks like you will be having some fun with that machine! This looks like a fabby project too.
Teri x

Maria Matter said...

Gorgeous!!! well you are off to a great start Dar! you are my vintage inspire me!!!
enjoy your day!
blessings, Maria

Lana said...

Thanks for giving me the boost to play with the bind it all machines! It was fun doing it together!!!! I am trying it out on my project now and have had issues too LOL LOL! Some day I will get the hang of it, maybe LOL Yours turned out really nice can't wait to see it finished!!

Dawn B. said...

This is sooooooo cool Darlene.. This last month trying to do my Dirty gal stuff I have come to appreciate anyone that can stamp and create like this.. It is awesome. Great job and I am glad to hear it is just for you...
P.S. Thank you SOOOO much for all your help with the vintage info..I used every bit of it and more..

Kim said...

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful project! Isn't that BIA fun? I love mine, although I don't play with it nearly enough! Hope to run into you this weekend!

jrmom said...

This is beautiful Mom! I am so glad you two figured out how to use your bind-it-all's. I'm looking forward to what else you two come up with.