Sunday, August 1, 2010


Happy Sunday Afternoon Evening!!

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of joining in on a "Ladies Afternoon Tea"!  It was held back home in Pennsylvania, at my family church and sponsored by the local Historical Society.  My cousin, Beverly Young (that's Bev in the photo) is a very active member of the Historical Society and was our speaker/hostess for the event.  (I wished I had taken more photos but, of course the battery died in my camera so I'll just have to be happy with all the wonderful images in my head!!)

As you can see, HATS were the fashion of the day ... what fun!!  The church basement was decorated BEAUTIFULLY!!  The chairs & tables were all decorated with linens and wonderful vintage china!  There was an amazing hand-made quilt which was to be raffled off.  GORGEOUS vintage dolls (some were at least 3 feet tall) which were also donated to be raffled through the Historical Society and the array of tea sandwiches, scones and other finger foods were a beautiful sight of themselves!  There were SO MANY wonderful handmade selections of finger food to choose from that I would have loved to tried "one of each" but of course I did not!!   I did however try such things as a cherry scone, a cucumber sandwich topped with a fresh spring of dill and a very yummy lemon curd & cream treat (which Bev made from scratch) that was just delicious!!!  What an amazing job the ladies did on all the decorating and food ... they certainly deserve a huge pat on the back ... that was a LOT OF WORK to prepare for!!

(Yes, this is me & my Hat ... isn't it cute!)
Hat photo story below!

The entertainment was wonderful too!!  Beverly gave us the background on not only the Origin of Tea but  some helpful Tea Ettiquette tips.  And if that wasn't enough, she told us the story behind the "HAT" ... very interesting facts!!  Throughout the day we were pleasantly serenated by a young gal (12 years old) playing the harp!  That's right, she is 12 ... has been studying harp for 2-1/2 years and is AMAZINGLY talented!!!  We also learned all about making handmade LACE!  Talk about facinating ... wow this lady makes it look so easy but it's a true art and she has mastered it beautifully!!  We also enjoyed my granddaughter, Morgan's Powerpoint presentation to the John Lennon song, IMAGINE.  She performed her "signing" skills to the words of the song while the audience could also view the presentation behind her!  She again was wonderful and you could hear a pin drop during her presentation!

My mother's "friend" Ken came through before we started eating (which began with lavendar sorbet BTW) and took photos while the ladies mingled ... then while our program continued on, he hurried to the closest place that would process the film and had all the photos back for the ladies to view and take home with them!  What a wonderful treat ... thanks so much to Ken ... he's a real sweetheart for doing this!!   He did catch my daughter Carolyn in the beautiful  photo above, but I "dodged the bullet" so to speak ... no "full view" photos of Mwah!!  But just so you could "see the hat" I had Mark take a photo today, just for this posting!  (do NOT like my photo taken ... too fat!! ... that HAS TO CHANGE!)

Oh yea, I did make a contribution to the cause ...
I made several boxed sets of notecards which I had taken (along with my other cards) to sell (at Beverly's request), but instead I thought it would be nice to give them away ... 1 set to each table!  The way we picked who received the box of cards was this ... Whom ever the SPOUT of the beautiful vintage teapot in the center of the table was pointed towards was the "chosen one"!  GREAT FUN and they were thrilled with the added surprise! It really makes one feel good about themselves when they do something nice for someone else!! I will share photos of those boxed sets with you tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by today ... I am SO GLAD TO HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK ... maybe now things will get back to normal!!  Here's wishes for a wonderful week!  Hugs to you all!


jrmom said...

It was such a fun day. Even washing all the dishes. Those ladies were so wonderful and giving. Really enjoyed seeing family from "both" sides in one place...glad we went.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh this sounds like such a fun girls' time. Love your hat, too, Dar! And how sweet of you to surprise each table with a set of notecards.

Marcy said...

What a fun day! Love your hat!

Melanie Montes de Oca said...

Thanks for sharing your fun day! And you are just cute as a button in your hat! LOL