Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Reunion Time of the Year

That's correct, it's at this time of the year (every year) that we get together for our Cousin/Family reunion.  It is called that because on Friday night & all day Saturday the COUSINS get together (there are 42 first cousins of which I am one!) then on Sunday, the ENTIRE family comes together.  There are over 200 of us and although we don't ALL make it every year ... there's always quite a crowd!  Note last years photo below:

 My mother had 8 sisters & 3 brothers and as time goes on, the Morgan family just keeps growing & growing!  On Friday night, there is always a big bonfire and we cook hot dogs, roast corn on the cob and there always homemade chili.  Home canned relishes are always available for the hot dogs and this year I noticed a few desserts hiding in the pavilion!  
I didn't make it down for the Saturday festivities (canning & preparation for my Indiana trip needed done) but they always make an AWESOME breakfast then in the evening there's a grilled Steak or Chicken dinner.  This year they had a square-dance caller coming in and I'm sure I'll hear all the stories today!  (hopefully someone got pictures!!)
 (My grandmother [center] & her 12 kids mother is 
on the  bottom row left side with blue jacket. 
Photo take around the early 1980s)

Today is the big FAMILY REUNION and I'm headed down there very shortly.  It's an hour & 1/2 drive but that's okay ... it's worth it and besides, my family would never forgive me if I didn't show up!!  OH, did I tell you this all takes place on my cousin Paul's 100 acre farm??  Out in the middle of nowhere ... where you can hoop & holler all you won't and no one cares!!  My cousin, Cobby (real name Jim) always rents fun stuff to keep the kids busy ... dunking tank, water slide, and a few other things for the little kids.
Well, I just took the last jars of picalilli out of the canner so I guess I'd better get on the road!  Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

Hugs to ya!


Olga said...

What a wonderful family! Sounds like a lot of fun,eating & talking will be going on. Enjoy your day!

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

Hi Darlene
This is totally fab!!!
Hope you have a fantastic time...which im sure you will.
Hugs Alison

Holly said...

oh I hope you have a fabulous time!