Friday, August 13, 2010

Talk about a fun time ...

 Today my husband took the day off work to spend it with me doing "what ever I wanted to do" ... little did he know I planned on doing home canning all day ... so being the sweet guy he is, he spent all day helping me cut up veggies, moving hot canning jars from one location to another and whatever else I asked him to do!  He is really a big help in the kitchen (and I must say an amazing cook too!!)
We put up 7 pints of sweet banana peppers ... 7 pints of hot mixed vegetables and 7 pints of corn relish!  The other day I made 7 pints of salsa (more of that to come with tomatoes coming on full blast)!  I'm also waiting for green tomatoes to replenish my "piccalilli" supply!

As you can see, my pantry shelf is starting to fill up and with there only being the TWO of us, when all is said & done, there will be plenty to keep us over the winter.

NOW ... with my  "homework" being done, here's a fun creation I made with the *Wink *Wink Ink digi image called "Mama".  I also used the current *FREEBIE (the adorable chickie border) offered over on the *Wink *Wink Ink Company Blog.

  (click image to enlarge)

Well, that's it for today!  I'm starting to get a little tired and I haven't eaten my dinner yet!  Guess I'd better do that before it's time for bed (a couple more hours)!  Thanks for stopping by today and as always ... thanks for all your wonderful comments!  I love hearing from you all!!  Have a great weekend!!

Hugs to you!


craft-princess said...

This is a great card and your hubby sounds super sweet!

Teri said...

You are most amazing hun! How do you find the time to create as much as you do as well as all that cooking and finding time for family? You must be pooped!!
Have a great weekend hun - and take it easy sometime!
Teri x

jrmom said...

Wow...your "homework" looks delicious. They would win a ribbon at the fair for sure! So glad you two had such a nice productive day together. And I thought your card was adorable (even Frank said 'awww' when he saw it).

Holly said...

oh, that all looks so yummy, and how sweet of your hubby to help you out like that!
I love your card - it's just such a sweet image.

Dru said...

Darling card Dar - those sweet little chicks are just the cutest!! Looks like we're going to be canning some Salsa also - not my favorite thing to do, but I sure like the end results!! Have a great day!

Marlene said...

Your card is adorable! I think I am going shopping in your pantry! Heehee!

Anita Hovey said...

Soooo jealous of your canning! And the fact that you got DH to help :) I looove home made salsa, but haven't made it for a couple of years. I think the only thing I've canned in the last 2 years is pickled beets...have to have some of those for fall!

OH yeah...nice card too LMBO

Alanna said...

Your card is super cute and all your canning looks wonderful. How sweet of your hubby to help.