Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't you just love this time of the year!!!

I'm so glad I live in an area that witnesses all FOUR seasons of the year, but I think my favorite is Spring/Early Summer.  I don't handle the heat very well so summertime can push me back into the house in the A/C.  BUT,  this time of the year is PERFECT for me!  Warm days (low 70s) and cool nights (50s) which means I will have my doors and windows open as much as possible.  There nothing better than FRESH air after having the house closed up all winter. 

This past weekend hubby & I worked outside getting a lot of the 'clean up' chores done.  The trees are all trimmed, yard was mowed & weed wacked, picnic area was cleaned up (brush was burned) and today I even got all my flowers planted in the front AND BACK of the house.
We seem to have several new BABY squirrels this year and they are so much fun to watch.  I feed them over in the picnic area but they like to come 'clean up' after the birds. (notice the Gold Finch on the feeder)
 I just love it up in our picnic area (I like to call it Pavlick's Park ... teehee).  In the heat of the summer, it can be at least 10 degrees cooler up there!  I still have some work to do.  I plant Hot Pink Impatience in the areas around the trees where it is kind of bear right now.  (Next thing on my todo list).

It looks like I'm needing to split out this Bleeding Heart plant again.  It's amazing how big they can get and I just LOVE that early pop of color that they provide.  Ooops ... looks like the bird bath is light on water too!

This is my beautiful Viburnum bush on the side of the deck ... right outside my laundryroom window.  We had talked about making sure we prune it back quite a bit this year since it is getting a bit out of control.  But it's going to have to wait on TWO things ... 1 is that we have to wait until it's done blooming and the 2nd thing is we have to wait for our 'tenants' to "fly the coop" ...
Yep, we have a new Robin couple building their 'love nest' in the center of our Viburnum.  I took this photo through the laundry room window while mama robin was out shopping.

The purple Columbine really started filling in this year!  I usually put my tomato plants under the windows (really not allowed to have a 'garden' in our subdivision) but I hide a few within my flowers.  But this year I had to move them around the side of the house ... hope they do okay there!
Another flower I totally enjoy seeing come up and multiple each year are my purple iris!  Aren't they beautiful!  Are you starting to see a color theme here??  LOL!!  I planted pink & purple wave petunias today in my front flower pots as well as on the back deck ... can't wait for them to start flowing!

Well I guess I've kept you long enough this evening.  It's nearly NCIS time so I'd better get finished up, clean up my crafting area and get back upstairs!  Hope you are having a wonderful week!  I know I sure am!  HUGS to you all!



  1. Oh wow, you are truly blessed having such stunning natural surroundings right on your doorstep. Your and your hubby's garden is a little eden.
    DS4J DT Member
    Doing Life

  2. Beautiful! I believe every season is picturesque on your doorstep, with all those beautiful trees! Have a blessed day!

  3. wonderfull piccis loved wading through them all capturing natures best...er that sounds like a dog food lol!!! aw!!! baby robins love them BUT!!! i had some babies nesting in amongst some ivy that we had to kil off and as the leaves dropped i went to sweep them and my heart dropped out flew these wee tiny babies 3 in fact ( i didnt know any were nesting in the ivy still ont he wall) they were to young to fly,,but they tried then scurried along the grass oh how i screamed at my hubbie to help find these poor babies..we managed very carefullly to replace them back in the nest but they wouldnt stay there i prayed for a miricle but nothing happened..i was in floods of tears.....so we picked them up once again and took them to the quitest part of our garden nesstled in with leaves etc...and waited and waited...when mum she came back she was resting on my archway looking ..she knew theyd gone....she watched and twitched her head listening i kept watching her for ages from my office window ,,,,and then she flew right towards the area we had placed the baby robins....i do so hope they didnt die,,,and even to this day i wont forget my sweeping up could have made so much noise that terrified these poor babies...that was about 6 years ago...i liked the ivy but it was rampant and lifting the roof..if id seen evidence id never have done it but it was the dry crakling of the leaves that made them so scared.......hope you like my real life experiences i do have some perhaps i could write a book hahahah no way too much to hide..ill keep you guessing after all sassy still has secrets..hence the blog title xxxxxxxxxx

  4. What a beautifull backyard, love all the purple flowers you have planted.


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