Thursday, November 1, 2012

OKAY ... I think I'm ready!

Hello my friends!
I 'THINK' I'm ready for Saturday's craft show ... at least I hope so!  With doing 2 craft shows in a 3 week period, it kind of put the crunch on me to replace those things that sold well at the first show (i.e. tissue box holders, birthday cards, baby cards).  So, with hubby's help I think I'm all set.  Now just need to look over things one more time and PACK IT UP!

My husband doesn't usually get involved in my crafting but he generously spent a few hours cutting paper for all the tissue box covers and Hershey Bar Pouches over the past couple of days.  

Here are the 'everyday' tissue box covers I made yesterday and finished decorating today.

Something else that was pointed out to me at the last show was that I didn't have any Baby Boy cards left ... so of course I jumped right on that too.  Here's what I came up with quickly.

 Since I already had this bunny colored and in my stash ... I decided to whip up a Baby Girl card too.

OKAY ... I think I'm ready!

On a separate note,  
this time LAST week was absolutely beautiful here in NE Ohio.  
The temperatures were in the 70s and we were enjoying an Indian Summer.
Here are a couple photos I snapped while we were enjoying the last days on the deck!

 One week later and after the wind & rain from Hurricane Sandy ...
Trees are bare and the skies are gloomy  (took this lower photo about an hour ago)!

And, I was so thrilled to see the Bacopa in this pot rebloom (even though the Fountain Grass has seen better days, LOL) on our deck ... 

But again ... the wind & rain has taken it's toll on this planter too.  
Time to take it apart and store it till next spring.
Afterall, it is November!

Okay ... that's it for me!  
I'm tired and need to get out of the "cave" for awhile.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for always encouraging me with your kind comments!


Barbara said...

Hi Darlene, Love your tissue boxes. Did you cover wooden boxes or did you make these from a template and craft paper? They are stunning! We just opened an Artistan Shoppe in our small city. Cards don not seems to be moving too quickly. I have been asking $3.50. Just wondering if you think that is too much?Good luck on your craft show.

Trina said...

Darlene, I swear every time you post some tissue covers, I want to make some! Problem is, they'd be sitting up in my house waiting for me to have enough cards built up to feel like I should pay for a craft show... GREAT projects again!

Gail said...

I wish you the best on your craft show Dar - I hope you make tons of money! Enjoy!

Nan G said...

Lovely projects! Hope you have a sell out at the craft show!

Diane said...

Beautiful projects those gorgeous tissue boxes and super sweet baby cards...adorable!!