Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Happy July 1st!  Google Reader is no more!  
That's right, those who followed this blog & others with Google Reader will have to follow through other options now!  I have chosen Bloglovin and so far so good!  All of you that I once followed through Google Reader I am now following through Bloglovin and I've been very happy with the results! It's easy and will even post every post on FB as well!  In my sidebar you will see you can now follow this blog either through Bloglovin or there is still the availability to subscribe with email!  I hope you will choose one or the other!  I love having you visit!


  1. You are still on my google dashboard :)

  2. Hello my friend!! So glad you stopped by to say hello!! I am not a huge fan of Blog Lovin' , but of course I'm adding you to my Feedly reader and will catching up with you when you post!! ;) Look forward to seeing your gorgeous makes and fun attitude!! HUGS

  3. Thanks for stopping by Vic and for stickin' with me!

  4. Even though google reader is gone if your with blogger then you can still read all your favourite blogs that you follow in your dashboard! I haven't had to change a thing!!! HUgsxx


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