Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making Grandma Proud and a Winter White Christmas Card

Good Morning!

I was MIA yesterday but for a VERY good reason! Although it was a busy, busy day ... it was wonderful! I was "back home" taking care of a few appointments, helped my mom with some computer issues, had lunch with a friend, helped my daughter create a money card basket for a raffle at last evenings Leetonia 's Christmas Concert, went to grandson Jonathan's basket ball game and granddaughter Morgan's Christmas Concert in which she played a solo. Would you like to see a few photos???

Grandson, Jonathan is in the 7th grade and decided to try out for basketball this year. I was really impressed at how many time he could "hit the net"!! Unfortunately, their team lost the game but I have to say ... Jon certainly plays with all of his heart!!!

When I first came into the school (not knowing what Jon's NUMBER was) ... I saw a young man whom I THOUGHT was Jon but turns out to be a classmate who looks VERY MUCH like Jonathan!!
His name is Charlie ... and these two guys could be brothers!! Jon is number 50 and Charlie is number 20! It was so much fun watching these guys ... they certainly play hard and run really fast!!! I would be totally exhausted after the first period ... let alone the entire game ... what with all the running back & forth on the court!! LOL!!!

Due to DH's health issues the past couple of years, I haven't had much of an opportunity to partake in the kids events, so was really thrilled that I could take the time yesterday to share in what's important (at this stage of their lives) for both of my grandkids.

Jonathan is aggressively outgoing and enjoys everything from Hunting to Racing to Sports! He tries really hard at anything he's involved in and is VERY competitive!!!

After Jon's basketball game, which his Mother, Sister & myself attended, we made a mad dash back to the house to pick up their Dad and head to the High School for Morgan's FINAL Christmas Concert.

Morgan is a senior this year ... VERY active in the band and this was a very important, bitter/sweet evening for her. Mo (as we call her) has been Field Commander for the past two years with the band and last night she had a solo during the concert! I haven't heard Mo play her clarinet for awhile now and was QUITE IMPRESSED with her solo!

Mr. Rodick, the band director has been a huge influence on Mo and I'm sure she will miss him a great deal upon her graduation. I've been VERY impressed with Mr. Rodick's style of teaching and the kids have GREAT respect for this man! He's not only their teacher but their friend and they all just love him! I must say, he's very good at what he does!! Not only does the senior high band sound AMAZING, but the 7th & 8th grade band was very impressive as well!!! He's doing something right ... and it was wonderful to experience the total joy of last evenings concert!!!

After Mo's solo piece, Mr. Rodick had her stand for applause and of course I was the one clapping the loudest!!! Sorry about the picture ... for some reason, the eyes came out looking a bit "demonish" ... and I couldn't figure out how to fix that! Bad Grandma!!!

As I have mentioned in the past, my daughter Carolyn is VERY involved in her children's schooling!! Both acedemically and extra-curricularly. She is the head of the Band Boosters and this year they decided to honor all the seniors with their own personal posters. Here is a photo of Carolyn (in the red Santa hat ... lower left) honoring Samantha with her poster and showing the audience what they would look like. Morgan is holding up the poster for all to see! What a great idea!! The Band Boosters decided that the band members don't get the recognition they deserve and thought this was a nice way to show them they are appreciated! GREAT JOB LADIES!!!

After the concert was over and before having to head back home, I asked the kids & Mr. Rodick if I could get a photo ... of course they were willing to "humor Grandma" and posed for me on the steps to the stage. I'm sure Mo will want this one for her Senior Scrapbook and was so glad I remembered to take it!!

A VERY PROUD evening for Grandma to say the least!! I always enjoy being around "my kids" ... and was so glad I didn't miss this evenings events. Mark was unable to come (he's caught a cold and it's all he can do to get to work each day) but was there in spirit! He too is very proud of both the grandkids and hopefully next year (when his health is better) he'll be able to share in a few more of their activities.

Do you think Mother & Daughter look a little alike??? Tee Hee!!! Thanks for letting me share my FUN, PROUD day with you!!


This week's Crafty Secrets Forum Challenge over on SCS was hosted by Pammyjo and she made it very easy on us this week ... since we are all SO BUSY but still want to play along ... she's asked us to create a WHITE card. Mine was a very quick & easy creation. By simply embossing the front cover of my WHITE card using a Nestabilites Labels 9 die, I created the framework for my Crafty Secrets Christmas Joy images which I have stamped using Gold Brillance ink and Gold Sparkle Embossing Powder. Added gold edging with a gold Pilot marker, white organza ribbon with gold brad and a few gold Stampendous diamond dots, TaDa ... card complete!!

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by today!! I really do appreciate it! I know how busy EVERYONE is this time of the year and for you to take the time to stop and say Hi ... really warms my heart!!

Today I hope to FINALLY get MY Christmas cards in the mail ... and hopefully get my new tires on my car! Happy Day Everyone!!!

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chercroppin said...

Awww, makes a momma/grandmomma proud right? You have a GORGEOUS family Darlene : )

And your's the gold/white and your added textures and embellies!