Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa's Everywhere ...

I thought I'd share some of my Santa Collection with you today since I'm still trying to get the remainder of my holiday cards completed & in the mailbox!!

I have received Santas for several years from friends and family and just adore each & every one. I've often thought I'd like to keep them out all through the year but I'm afraid I would lose the thrill and enjoyment I feel each year when I unpack them and smile at the stories behind so many of them. Mark has bought me several over time and some VERY NICE ones I must say. He's always been very generous with his gift giving and he has spared no expense on some of these pieces. There are "Fitz & Floyd", "Pipka", "Jim Shore" and "Lenox" ... I wished you could see them IRL ... they are all so beautiful and detailed.

I am always amazed at the detail on some of this figures ... just amazing! Especially on the "Pipka" figures ... they are of smaller stature and the details are just awesome!!

I have several Santas and Snowmen that are "TEAPOTS". Yes, I also have a teapot collection so for several years my family has attempted to combine my two collections ... and quite successfully I must say!!

I earlier posted a photo of my Bakers Rack which is housing a large portion of my collection for the holidays ... but there are MORE Santas sitting about throughout the house. I have a beautiful gold & white Sitting Santa on one of the end tables in the livingroom ... and a matching 3' tall Santa on another table in front of the window.

Everyone who has come into our home this year has really enjoyed looking at all my Santas. I haven't brought them out the past few years due to Mark's cancer ... I just wasn't up to celebrating and decorating as much as I usually do ... but "praise God" ... and thank the Lord for the wonderful doctors at Cleveland Clinic ... Mark is cancer free this year and we are CELEBRATING in every way we can!!!!!!!

I've really gone all out this year and have done a lot of decorating, had a couple parties ... lights EVERYWHERE ... it is definately FESTIVE around our house this year!!!

One of my prize SANTA possessions is this "Pipka" throw blanket which I hang on the wall in the diningroom for all to see. It is such a beautiful scene ... I could just look at it for hours!! I found this "quilt hanger" in a Mennonite shop in Columbiana, OH and although a bit pricey ... I knew it would be perfect to hand & show off this blanket.
I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my Santas ... they bring a smile to my face and I hope they did the same for you!
OH MY GOODNESS ... there are "Carolers" at my door!!! I must go and listen ... thanks for stopping by & Merry Christmas!!


chercroppin said...

What a treat! Carolers at your door...way your collection Darlene, and I wish I could see it all in person : )

Amy Johnson said...

What a lovely collection Darlene. You sound so happy. I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! These Santas are so beautiful and elegant!! My mom loves vintage Santas! :) How cool with Christmas carolers...I would like that too!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season my friend!! Enjoy the Holidays!! HUGS

Jan said...

Your Santa collection is awesome! The lights are a great way to showcase these beauties :)

Julie said...

What a beautiful Santa collection you have, Darlene! Thanks for sharing with us! So glad you and Mark have so many reasons to celebrate this year--enjoy every one of them!

I'm still working on my cards, too--yours may not get there til after Christmas--sorry! It will be filled with just as much love to you, though!

Enjoy these beautiful days and this marvellous season--love you loads!

Marcy said...

Your Santas are just beautiful, Darlene! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

bensarmom said...

I am so happy to read your news of celebration this year. You two have struggled down a long road. I'm so glad God brought you to this place of happiness and being cancer free for Mark. Praise God for answering all the prayers that went up for both of you. I love your Santa collection. I have one as well. I put them in our living room and call it my Santa room. Everywhere you look there are Santas. Bless you my friend and may you continue to be blessed by the One who came to save us all.