Friday, June 25, 2010

What a FUN DAY ...

These are the two ladies that got me started in my scrapbooking/card making addiction!!!  LOL!!  Mindy Russell (left) and my daughter, Carolyn (right).  

My daughter sold Creative Memories and got me started in scrapbooking and her friend, Mindy was a SU rep who also scrapbooked with us and that is where I started stamping. 

Mindy is a Neonatal Nurse by profession and when jobs got tight here in Ohio she took a position in Florida and moved there with her family 3 years ago.  She came in town this week and I (we) were thrilled to link up with her and have lunch.

As luck would have it, Mindy accidently "ran over" her camera (she still tried taking photos) and I forgot my camera so I used my phone ... they didn't come out too bad really!

It's always nice to spend time with my daughter & grandkids ... but to see Mindy again was a real delight!!  We enjoyed lunch and as you can see ... got a little goofy at times ... but WOW, what a great day!!

Thanks so much for letting me share my HAPPY day with you all!!  Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!  

(Hope to see you again the next 
time your home for a visit!)


jrmom said...

What fun we had at the Cropping Cottage...those were the days! You were so creative even back then with only 2 "towers". Today was wonderful...sure miss Mindy Moo.

Melanie Montes de Oca said...

LOL So glad you had a fun day! :o)