Sunday, June 13, 2010


Thanks to all of you who sent GOOD THOUGHTS & WISHES for Morgan's Grad Party yesterday! 

VERY hot & humid but the rains held off and everyone had a great time!  We were all working feverishly to get everything done in time and the chicken took a little longer than first anticipated but that's okay, because everyone said it was "the best chicken they had ever tasted!"

There just wasn't enough time to get everything done and snap photos too but I did catch a few for Mo's scrapbook. 

Morgan & her dad went to both ends of the road posting signs & balloons to help people find their way.  Living out in the country ... the GPS doesn't always find the road so they tried to help by posting indicators!  AND .. I'm happy to say... even though it took some folks an EXTENDED amount of time, they did find the party and had a great time.  

I didn't get a photo of ALL the food (pasta/meatballs, scallop potatoes/ham, fruit salad, taco bar,  tossed salad, orzo salad, cupcakes, cookies, homemade strudel) and of course these delicious sausage stuffed chickens ... cooked over this open rotisserie! 

CJ is HERE!!

For those of you who follow my blog ... you will know that Morgan's boyfriend, CJ had a very serious car crash back in March that nearly took his life!!  We are thrilled to say that he is improving with every given day.  He is still in a rehab center and hasn't been permitted to put any weight on his legs yet (broke his pelvis in 4 places - along with several other broken bones) but he is working really hard toward that goal and is actually ahead of schedule!  

Several of us knew his Dad had rented a wheelchair accessible van in order to transport CJ to the party ... but Morgan didn't know!  SHE CRIED & CRIED to see him there!  The best present ever!
We had friends & family of all ages, and from ALL OVER come to share in Morgan's special day!  Here are a few of her friends ...
... and here is some of the older generation family members.  These two lovely ladies are MY mother's sister's (Aunt Glory-left-age 84 and Aunt Ruth on the right - age 91) ... we were so glad they were able to come and share the day!
Besides eating, sitting around socializing & drinking lots of water to try and stay hydrated in this heat & humidity ... there was fun to be had!  Here is Mo's brother Jon showing off some of his trampoline skills ... there was also volleyball/badminton ... and of course the little ones loved being able to pet the horses.  Yes, they have two horses (Romeo & Meg) ... sorry no photo, couldn't watch the kids around the horse & take a photo too!  
Even though she was HOT, TIRED & STICKY ... I think this was a day that Morgan will always remember and cherish!



Dru said...

Congratulations to Mo on her graduation and going on to Kent - I know you must be so proud of her! Sounds like you all had such a wonderful time and I'm sure a lot of that comes from all the work you put into it! What a great idea for the College Fund too!

jrmom said...

It was a glorious day! As I was putsin around cleaning up this morning I felt such a happy calm. The party was such a huge success...Morgan was soooo excited and happy. Couldn't have done it without all your help Mom! Thank you...and a beautiful post too.

A Vintage Chic said...

Looks like a wonderful day for Morgan, Darlene! So glad the weather cooperated for you!

She is such a lovely girl, and so good to see the joy in her face--especially when her surprise arrived!

Hope you continue to have a beautiful weekend, my friend!


LINDA said...

Congrats to Mo!! Looks like you all had a wonderful day..
Hugs, Linda

Cindy said...

Wow, congrats to Morgan!! Awesome pictures! I'm sure everyone had a great time. How great that CJ got to attend the party!! Love that Rotisserie!!

Marcy said...

Awww, congratulations Morgan! Looks like you had a truly fabulous celebration. I'm sure she has so many wonderful things ahead of her! My two best friends went to Kent. :)

Kim said...

Oh, I'm so glad she had a terrific party, and that CJ was there, how awesome is that! She is a beautiful young lady with a very successful future ahead. Congrats Morgan!
Kim xXx

Marlene said...

Congrats to Morgan! What fantastic pics! Looks like you all had a great time! Such wonderful news about CJ, too!

Amy Johnson said...

First of all, I'm awestruck by the food you provided. You know, most people around here just have potato salad and sloppy joes at their graduation parties! The party looks awesome, and I'm glad Morgan had such a good turn out. She looks so happy. My son graduated this year too and we had a party for him yesterday and it was a disaster to say the least. Only 2 people came. He was very hurt. I think its because of my daughter's wedding. People aren't willing to sacrifice two weekends in a row. But I feel bad for the kid. He thinks no one cares for him as much as they care for Ashley. He's always lived in her shadow. Ashley and I were thinking of doing a family trip to a water park later in the summer to make up for it.

Joan Fricker said...

Darlene, a big congratulations to Morgan. It looks like her party was a hug success and that she had a grand time. So, so happy that CJ was able to surprise her. What a beautiful young lady and I know you are mighty proud of her.

Janine said...

Hi Darlene!! What great pictures!! I think you all had a great time!! Those chickens look fabulous!
Hope you are well!!