Sunday, September 19, 2010

What are YOU doing this weekend?

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Well this is what I (we) did yesterday ... 
yep Home Canning!  

I know ... people say "but why would you want to go to all that work when you can just buy it off the shelf at the grocery store!"  Well, they have obviously never had home canned ANYTHING in the dead of winter!!  Tomatoes taste like tomatoes (instead of cardboard), peaches taste like peaches and you can't even BUY some of the combinations we've put together this year!!  LOL!!

Friday I spent the day using up the last of the GREEN tomatoes ... small & large.  Turning the small ones into "pickled green tomatoes" and the larger ones were sliced and turned into the last batch of "picalilli".

My dear husband wanted to make another batch of Salsa (hotter this time) and I wanted to make up some quarts of just whole tomatoes that can be used for various stews, soups & sauces throughout the year.  SO ... with his help we were successful and got it ALL done!!

Yes, there is work involved in home canning ... but as a young girl, my father always planted a HUGE garden filled with EVERYTHING imaginable and my mother taught my sisters & I all about the 'canning process' and I'm thrilled to say that now my daughter does home canning for her family too!   

In fact she does a WHOLE LOT more than I do and a much larger variety!  I'm so proud she's carrying on the "family traditions".   I wished I'd had my camera with me the other day when I was at her house and saw the peppers she had just finished canning ... they were GORGEOUS!!!

Well, with the canning all finished ... I can relax today and watch Pittsburgh Steeler Football with hubby!  Then while he's watching all the other games ... I'm headed to the crafting cave for some "ME" time!!  Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!



Teri said...

Man, your garden must be HUGE to fill it with all those goodies to can! Wish I had the time. . . Gonna be planting more stuff to eat from the garden this year, hopefully it won't all die or get eaten by the bugs! LOL
Teri x

jrmom said...

Gorgeous Mom! Great job...I'm sure Mark had a good time too. Hopefully next year I can help you with your year end green tomato hunt. Have a great Sunday!!!

Ms. Jen said...

Ahhh, this brings back memories of just a couple months ago for me! I put up over 25 cases of various things this year. It is so rewarding when your done and you stand back and look what you've created with your own hands. And I agree, when winter comes there's nothin better! I'm already missing my green tomatoes. Nothin like a fried green tomatoe fresh off the pan or some fried corn - mmmmmmm... Down here in the south our season is already done but I wish it wasn't. Wonderful job you've done.

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Darlene! My hub is canning too! Gotta love it! My ds is getting married on Oct 2 and I got company coming etc- was u think we could do another get together to stamp at your place sometime after that? Let me know! I would even bring lunch! :) hugs, Jane

Ildiko said...

Wow you brought tears in my eyes. I LOVE the home caned stuff. When I go home to visit my parents in hungary I always go up to the loft and bring some home made fruit cans down and my mum's squash oh and her jams sooooooooooooo yummy, I miss these thing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Your cards are beautiful but these oh buy yummy