Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crafty in the Kitchen Today!

Hello my friends ...

Sorry I haven't had much paper crafting to share with you this week (I'll take care of that NEXT week...LOL).  It's been crazy busy around here with my freelancing job with JoAnn Fabrics Headquarters and the Annual 3-Day Morgan Family Reunion being this weekend!

I was down at the reunion spot last evening (held on a 100 acre farm my oldest 1st cousin owns) with several more of my 1st cousins (I believe there are [were] 47 First Cousins from the original 12 Morgan children).  And, for the last 26 years we've had a Friday night/All Day Saturday 1st cousins reunion followed by a FULL FAMILY REUNION on Sunday.  

Everyone brings a covered dish and this year I decided to make some of the dessert recipes from our Morgan Family Cookbook.  Cousin Nancy, myself and my daughter Carolyn decided back in 2004 to pull together a Picture/Story/Cookbook for this amazing large family before it was too late.  At that point in time, we had already lost 5 of the original 12 children and with the recent passing of Aunt Ruth, there are only 2 of the original 12 remaining.  My mother and her youngest sister MaryJane.

Anyways ... as some what of a tribute to these fabulous folks, my daughter & I decided to pull recipes from this awesome cookbook and recreate them for the reunion this year.  Especially since we realized last year that the dessert table was pretty sparse after the loss of our Aunts who always provided those yummy treats.  Carolyn is making 2 recipes from the 'Cookie' section and I was to make 2 recipes from the 'Dessert' section but I ended up doing 3 ... what can I say ... they all sounded so good!!

Selection #1 was Aunt Marc's Pistacio Tube Pan Cake

Selection #2 is Aunt Elizabeth's Pineapple Dump Cake

And, last by not least, Aunt Marie's Lemon Cake Supreme

The surprise is hidden INSIDE on this one!!  They all smell so YUMMY!!!

I pointed out in the above photo 'My Mom' ... she is presently 83 years old and doing GREAT!  She still works 2 part time accounting jobs and sings with her friend Pam (who plays keyboard) at several nursing homes around the area as well as Treasurer of the church and sings in the church choir.  This lady lets no moss grow under her feet and is a true inspiration to us all!

  Unfortunately, all of her siblings in this photo have passed away now and she misses them all so much!  You can't grow up with EIGHT sisters and THREE brothers without having an extremely close bond!

Well ... baking is done and ready to pack up for the big EAT FEAST (Reunion) tomorrow so maybe I can now take a little time to get creative in my crafting cave.  

Hope you're having a FABULOUS weekend!
Be sure to TELL and SHOW those around you how much you love them ...  
they won't be here forever!!!!

God Bless You All!!
As always . . .
OH ... and just so you know ... the morning glories are still going strong!  They were so pretty when we pulled out of the garage this morning to go to breakfast that I just had to snap a few photos with my phone.

Do you remember this photo from last month where they started to vine up around my Home Sweet Home plaque?
 Here's what they look like today!
Can you find the plaque now?? 
 I know they are taking over but I just don't have the heart to tear them out yet!  Maybe in October ... or November ... for sure before the snow flies!  LOL!  They are just too pretty and make me smile!


Patricia St Martin said...

Dar, Everything looks so good and so yummy. That is an awesome way of keeping your recipes and a way of sharing your family with others. You are so, I really do mot want to say lucky but you are to have your Mon, God bless her! Mine was so young. Have fun tomorrow and enjoy your family.
Hugs, Pat

Karon said...

Fabulous - everything looks so yummy - and what a great way to keep family recipes! My maiden name is Morgan :-) Have a great reunion! TFS

Diane said...

A wonderful tribute to the Aunties, and your other relatives will love you forever with these!! They look divine, I can almost smell them...yum!! Have fun at the reunion!! The morning glories are gorgeous...and let them go as long as they can.....they are blooming their little hearts out for you!! Thanks for sharing and have fun tomorrow!!

jrmom said...

What a wonderful idea Mom! While my cookies didn't turn out like I'd hoped, I plan on perfecting them. Your idea to pull goodies from the cookbook was wonderful!!! I'm so looking forward to reconnecting later today. And btw...your Glories are glorious!!!

jrmom said...

Your desserts look delicious! I bet our cousins will enjoy the desserts, hopefully they will spur conversations of times past when they enjoyed the dessert made by its originator.

Your Glories are glorious!!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Have a wonderful time at the reunion, Dar! Your desserts look fabulous and the pages from the cookbook are awesome. What a fabulous idea to bring the family recipes to life with photos of the family members.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Hey, Dar....have a great time at the reunion. Your desserts made my mouth water! Love that you made a family cookbook...such a great idea. What do you do in your freelance job at JoAnn's?

Roxanne Pafundi said...

Say...I have morning glories doing the same thing...the dear things do get carried away! One way to preserve to find those seed pockets...especially the dried ones and break them up and store in a clean,dry jar. Come Spring next year, just toss the seeds one the ground...maybe spread a lil dirt over them and in no time you'll still have your Morning Glories...just the next generation! I have some that are now the 9th generation from a tiny packet I had yrs ago! You can 'hold' on to them even after you've cut them down! ;-)