Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feelin' like a kid again . . .

Good Morning everyone and happy weekend to you!

No card to share with you today but I would like to share a few photos from our fun time at the ball park last evening with our neighbors (and friends) ... the Adkins!  You've seen these little girls on my blog before ... they are so sweet and were kind enough to invite us along for a fun time!

 (l.-r.) Christine, Olivia (standing), Emily, and Phil Adkins

(l.-r.) Forrest Stein, Ruth Stein (Christine's parents), ME and hubby Mark.

The ball park I am referring to is the Canal Stadium in Akron, Ohio ... home of the Akron Aeros!  And that is the minor league team we were cheering on this night!  (BTW ... WE WON!!!)

This is a beautiful ball park and believe it or not, we've lived in the Akron area for nearly 10 years now and this is our FIRST TIME to the stadium.  So glad we got to experience this wonderful past time on such a beautiful, cool autumn evening!  Another fun thing about the night was that everything was based on ELVIS PRESLEY!  Yep, it was Elvis Presley Night!  There was an Elvis impersonator and even had the end of the night fireworks set to Elvis's music!  Pretty cool in my book since I've always been an Elvis fan !!!

Here's some photos of the fireworks taken right from my seat! 
We had fabulous 3rd base seats and you can't get much closer than this for an up close fireworks experience!  Awesome!  We certainly ended the night with a BANG!!!

 A HUGE THANK YOU to the Adkins family for the invitation! 
We had a FABULOUS evening and look forward to doing it again!!

We are headed to Pittsburgh, PA for the day to visit with family so I'd better scadadle!
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!

OH and real quick before I leave ... just wanted to share my OUT OF CONTROL Morning Glories with you . . . they have once again taken over the side of the garage.  I should yank them out but I do enjoy the beautiful flowers each morning!
(BTW ... all these photos were taken with my iPhone5 ... LOVE THAT THING!!!)

Happy Day All and As Always . . .


Diane said...

Beautiful Morning Glories and great pictures of what looks like a super fun time!!! I bet you are tired from it all though!! Have a great day my friend!!

jrmom said...

Amazing pics!!! So glad you guys went to the ball field. How cool for Elvis to be in the house, too.

yyam said...

Looks like you had fun! Love those fireworks!

Pam said...

Great photos! Love your beautiful morning glories!

Scrap for Joy said...

Looks like a fun time with friends! We enjoy seeing the Washington Wild Things once in a while. Hope you waved while you were in Pittsburgh. We have enjoying wonderfully cool temps but I think it's going to get hot again starting tomorrow. Love your morning glories!
see you again tomorrow!

Marcy said...

Being an Elvis fan you would appreciate that my mil is headed to Graceland tomorrow. She's taking her grandson (my bil's son) as a surprise to celebrate his 16th birthday. He is a big Elvis fan.

Gorgeous morning glories!