Saturday, August 3, 2013

What a BEAUTIFUL day!

Hello my friends ...
I hope it's as beautiful at your house as it is at mine!!

It is PERFECT golfing weather and that's good because July 31 - August 4 is the PGATour - 2013 World Golf Championship - Bridgeport Invitational  being played only a couple of miles away from my house at the Firestone Country Club right here in Akron, OHIO.  And yes, the BIG NAMES are there  ... including Tiger Wood.  
Hmmmm ... wonder why he wasn't at Bob Evans for breakfast this morning?  LOL!  We were there and many, many other folks who were getting an early start before the golfing began.   NO ... we didn't go over ... can actually see it better from my livingroom and don't have to deal with the crowds.

Fireworks at Firestone

 While making lunch I could hear a noise so stepped out onto the deck to see the MetLife blimp and another plane with some sort of advertisement circling over the golf course.  So, I grabbed my phone and snapped a couple of photos.  The Goodyear blimp is docked not far from us but you don't see it out too often.  Although with the weather getting cooler, they'll have it out and getting it ready to cover the football games.  That too is a really cool sight to see ... it's HUGE!!  And, one of the pilots actually lives right down the street!  I should introduce myself and ask him to take me for a ride!  LOL!

 * * * * *
I don't have any cards to share with you today but I am working on several things for the upcoming week.  Just thought I'd share some LIFE stuff with you today.
Earlier in the week we took a drive to visit friends who still live in the 'ole neighborhood in Toledo, Oh and had a wonderful time.  One of the places we used to enjoy going to for a REALLY GOOD meal and a piece of pie is over at Schmucker's Restaurant on Reynolds Rd.  They just celebrated being in business 65 years and FINALLY we took the time to pop over for lunch.  OMG ... it was SO GOOD!!!!
Everything is HOMEMADE and check out this selection of pies:

Needless to say, hubby and I both had their Rhubarb pie (the best we've ever found) but our friend Mark Beelman decided to try the daily pie special which was BANANA SPLIT PIE ...
OMG ... it was HUGE!!

SO ... if you are ever in that area, be sure to check them out ... you won't be sorry!  But I must warn you, there might be a line OUT THE DOOR because they can probably only seat about 30 people (including sitting at the counter) and they are ALWAYS packed at the prime eating times.  This is true Down Home Cooking!!

Well if I'm going to have those cards ready to share with you this week, I'd better get back to the crafting table!  Thanks for stopping by and as always . . .


Rita said...

Hi Darlene. We too stay near to lots of golf courses. But not just as close as you, it must be lovely. However, after reading your story about Tiger Woods, he did a very similar thing at the Scottish Open in Muirfield last month. He had rented the house next door to my daughters friend and their little Jack Russell got under the hedge and got the ball. So everyone was out to catch the dog as he wanted his ball back. This year he only had his entourage with him, no women at all. That ball must have been special. Enjoy the Golf while it lasts. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx

Pat (mspfd) said...

Oh yum! Sounds like my kind of place.

ursula Uphof said...

Darlene, when we watch the golf on TV, I will think of you. That rhubarb pie sounds delicious. My hubby loves rhubarb...what a treat that would be for him. hugs, Ursula

Stef H said...

hubby and i went to the PGA game when it was here at Cog Hill, IL and we saw tiger, phil and all the pros. it was an awesome experience. we brought chairs and positioned ourself at hole 16 right up against the rope. it was awesome.

about as awesome as that cake looks!

happy sunday!

CraftinGranny said...

Oh how lucky to be that close to such exciting events. We never miss a PGA tournament on TV, especially if Tiger is playing. On my bucket list to attend an event one of these days just to see those beautiful golf courses. That pie looks as if it is to die for and sooooo yummy. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with all of us. Will be back to see more of your gorgeous creations. "Hugs"

Diane said...

My hubs is at the golf course today for his HUGE cancer fund raiser.....and it is a perfect and gorgeous day here today!! Wonderful shots of the blimp...we get the Goodyear blimp here over us once a year for the Notre Dame games......and I love the looks of that pie!!