Monday, June 20, 2016

Lovin' Alaska

Hello All ...
We have been having fabulous weather for our Alaskan Cruise!
Today it started to sprinkle during our excursion but that was all. 

Today was an exciting day of Whale Watching,
hiking through the rain forest and seeing Mendenhall Glacier!

While walking the trail through the Rain Forest headed to the glacier,
we saw where the entire forest bed was covered in moss ...
what a site!  AND, there were purple Lupin EVERY WHERE!

That is Mendenhall glacier behind us
and 2 waterfalls to the right of us ...
what beauty!

I was able to catch a few awesome videos of the whales.
There was a mother with her calf in one spot and another set of whales
just left of where I was video taping.  
Never saw any jump clear out of the water but seeing what we did was exciting!
Also spotted some bald eagles too ... will share those photos another time!

Well, it's time to go to dinner ...
Headed out to Haines at 8 pm (Alaska time)
Have a great day ... Hugs from Alaska


  1. Gorgeous landscape! My grandson visited two years ago and has plans to go there after graduation and work with the Forestry Service. He fell in love with the state!

  2. WOW you saw a whale!! So lucky!!

  3. Hope you grabbed some seeds from those gorgeous Lupines! I have some from Nova Scotia.....shhhhhh ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!!

  4. Fantastic photos! What grandeur! Those lupines are so beautiful. We have them growing wild here, too, but a smaller variety. I'm loving the photos and hope to see more as you go along. You look so happy!

  5. Fabulous photos, looks and sounds as though you're having a wonderful time!

  6. What fun you are having (even though I am not with I am sure you are enjoying yourself even without me...HAH!! Love those pretty flowers and all the scenery!!

  7. You are lucky person to see a whale! Your photos are full of the nature's creativity. I'm sure that it's hard not to smile when such beautiful Nature around.

  8. You are one lucky woman! I wish I could some day go on an Alaskan excursion to take in the sights.... great photos and I look forward to seeing more my friend. Enjoy!

  9. So glad you are having a wonderful trip


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