Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hello Again fom the Regatta Cruise Ship

Hello Everyone!
No crafting for me today since we are still cruising
Alaska and British Columbia.  In fact, Alaska's beauty is behind us
and we are on our way to Victoria B.C. and Vancouver B.C.

This is my view today looking out over our balcony while I'm typing this.
Yep ... nothing but Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see.

But had a fabulous day in Sitka yesterday.
We enjoyed another trip out on the water to see marine life.

 Bald Eagles were everywhere.  We saw these beauties on our way out to the beachcombing location.  And even though I didn't grab any photos, I truly enjoyed sitting on our balcony last evening ... preparing to leave Sitka and watched SEVERAL eagles flying around from one location to another in the beautiful tree background of the town. 

As I scanned across with my binoculars ... I could see eagles speckled through out the forest!  Beautiful!

We even had one fly right past our window the other evening ... up close & personal ... what a beautiful bird!!

 The gentleman who was driving the shuttle bus taking us  back to our ship after our adventure in Sitka told us that the area around Sitka housed 50% of all American Bald Eagles.  I would have to say he was correct!

And when you see one in flight ... OMG ... such majesty!!

While out on the water we saw these fun loving sea otters swimming around and just enjoying their morning!  LOL

 I think they were as curious about us as we were of them! 

We also got to see another humpback whale ... even closer than before.
Mark was taking a video of the event which was awesome but unfortunately it wasn't
focused very well and there was a lot of 'blank' waiting for the whale to appear again.
We having taken several videos via my phone or our camera during the
whale watching ... really the only way you can get a photo in time before they go back down.
Now I need to figure out how to 'edit' these videos ... LOL!

OH and while we were out on the 'beach', it was low tide so there were tons of clam shells,
actually found one that was live and not opened yet.  Here's a photo showing you how many muscles are attached to the rocks ... still alive and waiting for the high tide.

 Here are a few 'critters' the guides found when they rolled over a few rocks. 

A 'Sea Star' and a 'Red Crab' ... and yes the crab was doing his best to pinch our guide so she would put him back where he came from!  He got her a few times!

I was in AWE of how many muscles were on this beach ... truly an amazing sight to see!

The wooded area of the island was dense and filled with moss ...
along with a few bear and black tailed deer.  We all had to wear a whistle JUST IN CASE
a bear came to visit.  We did see deer tracks in the dark sand along the tree line but didn't actually witness any wildlife during this excursion.

Well that's it for me today.  
I'm anxious to walk through the beautiful gardens in Victoria. 
You'll be seeing some gorgeous flower photos next ... just a warning!  LOL
Have a great day!

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