Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beauty All Around Us . . .

My husband forwarded an email to me that he had received from his niece who is in the Peace Corp. in Mexico.  And she was sweet enough to attach a few photos sharing the beauty of the country she is in.  'Dr. Andrea'  is a very intelligent young lady and after some time teaching college students who didn't appear to care if they learned anything or not, she gave up her Professorship and joined the Peace Corp. where she fells she can truly 'MAKE A DIFFERENCE' ... and I'm sure she is!!

Misohal, (I think)

Anyways, I was so impressed with the beauty in these photo she had taken during some of her travels that I just couldn't help but print them out and turn them into cards.  I think I'll send her a note on one of them and see if she recognizes the image.  LOL

The Rainforest

I don't think she will mind me sharing this BEAUTY with  you all!!  I thought these particular images were so 'tranquil' that they would be perfect for sympathy cards ... so two of each are sympathy cards and the other two are simply note cards.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the beauty of God's work!

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Nan G said...

Beautiful inspiration pics! Your card are fabulous.