Thursday, June 19, 2014


Hello Everyone!
Last evening I was thrilled to be able to link up once again with some of my 'old' High School friends.  I'm not even going to tell you how old we are (ssshhh!  Class of 1968) but I'm just so thrilled that through marriages, children, divorces, moving ... we've been able to stay in touch!

Several of us live between Ohio & Pennsylvania (within a couple of hours of each other) but you know how life can get busy and there just aren't enough hours in our days ... so I am always happy with Judy (standing in the middle) comes back home from Tennessee for a visit ... gives us an excuse to all get together at the same time.

UPDATE:  The above photo was taken a year or so ago when we got together and here are a couple photos taken last evening at the restaurant.

We had SUCH a great time catching up!  We talked and talked ... there were terrible thunderstorms rolling through which meant we may as well stay until the storms passed (safety first you know)!  LOL!  Plus gave us more time to catch up!  

They all know I'm a crafting card maker and so I try to be sure to have a box of cards for them when we are able to get together.   With being so busy this week/month I didn't get around to making their cards until yesterday morning (and I had to leave by 4 pm to link up).  Yikes!  

But, I made it and here they are:

Each pack contains the same group of six cards.  I've simply placed a different card on the top of each pack so they will be able to see what each individual card looks like without having to open the box at the restaurant. 
I just LOVE these clear boxes for gift giving.  
All it needs is a pretty organza ribbon and VIOLA!

The birthday card on the bottom left was created using a fun technique that I saw Tim Holtz do on a YouTube video using glossy paper, alcohol inks and a can of air!  Yep ... pretty fun!  I'll share it with you next week.  I'll also share with you how I SMUDGED the very last card and had to THINK FAST since time was running out and I didn't have time to make more colorful panels!  LOL!

Have a great day!


Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh Dar.. you are just a doll!!

Terri's Cards N' More said...

What a fantastic idea! I know your friends loved these cards. Looks like you all had a great time. Hope you didn't run into any flooding on the way home.

Jeannie said...

Wow what a fun group of gals and what an awesome and special gift to give!! Just wondering where you get the clear boxes from? I'd love to know and if you have a minute let me know. Thanks!

Peace & Luv,

Barbara said...

Beautiful cards Darlene, well done with the ribbon :) Great gift ! Hugs!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Hi Jeannie! Thanks for your kind comments. I get my clear boxes from They come in a variety of sizes and depths. I typically keep on hand A2 and A6 (1/2" & 1"). Check 'em out.

Diane said...

These are fantastic am still amazed you created so many in the amount of time you had....I need lessons on "SPEED" am lucky if if I get 2 done a day let alone go girl!! Am glad you had such a fun trip!!!

Holly Young said...

How wonderful that you are all able to get together from time to time! Girlfriends are the best! Very sweet of you to make them cards - I know they'd be disappointed if you didn't!

jrmom said...

A group of strong beautiful happy y'all still stay in touch. What a lovely idea to give them some of your beautiful creations.