Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Reunion Time!

Hello my friends!
No cards to share today (OMG falling so far behind!  LOL)
It's that time of the year when my family (Mother's side) celebrate being blessed with such a large family and have our annual THREE day Family Reunion.  Yep!  Three Days!
This is the 27th year we have shared the fun over an entire 3 day weekend.  With such a large family (45 FIRST cousins [of which I am one!] and many, many more 2nd, 3rd, 4th cousins) we needed to extend the time to accommodate everyone's schedules.

But on Sunday, EVERYONE comes together to share the love and food!
And food there is!  OMG!!
This year I decided to make the rolls my Uncle Hen used to bring to our reunion before his passing in December, 2012.  So to honor him ... here is what Mark & I worked on yesterday.

There are a couple unique features of these rolls!
1.   it's a recipe that Uncle Hen came up with that mimicked the rolls his mother (my grandmother) used to make when they were growing up.
2.  they are baked in empty (and of course washed, lol) tuna cans

So that is how we made them too and it works GREAT!  Let the fun begin ...

  Mark & I make a good team in the kitchen!  He's great at mixing up the recipes and making sure the measurements are correct (had to do a little 'tweaking' on Uncle Hen's original recipe).  And I don't mind getting my fingers gooey, making a mess and cleaning up when all is said and done!  LOL!

We worked on these from 10 am to 3 pm and it was certainly a lot of fun!
I think Uncle Hen (real name was Clyde) would be proud!

We have modified the original recipe (which is for a single batch which makes 1 dozen rolls) ... some in large tins/some in small tins.  To a larger batch recipe which makes 3 dozen (small tuna cans).  This larger recipe worked perfectly since I'd been saving our tuna cans for awhile now and I had just enough. 

These rolls are SO GOOD!  A bit sweeter than a regular roll!  Very airy & good!  YUM!

Well, I'd better get going.  I have a bit of a drive and we're eating at 2 PM.
But before I go I do have a favor to ask of you ...

For those who believe in the power of prayer, please keep my grandson Jonathan's friend Kameron in your prayers.
The boys were starting a bonfire last evening to celebrate the beginning of their senior year this coming week and a bike race that Jon is participating in today when Kameron was burned quite badly.  He is undergoing treatment at the Akron's Burn Unit for 2nd & 3rd degree burns.
Please say a quick prayer for him!  Thank You!

As always . . .


Melissa Bove (SCS ~ Melissa1872) said...

Hi Darlene!! Oh your rolls look absolutely scrumptious!! And what a great family you must have! I hope you have an amazing time with them!! I hope you are well my friend!! Miss you!!

I will say a prayer for Kameron! Such a shame! I hope he recovers quickly!!

big hugs to you....

Desire Fourie said...

Darlene I cant believe another year has flown by in a blink. I remember these super special rolls in a tuna can which you also posted about last year. Wow that is one ginormous family and it is so unique that you have done this for 27 years. Here's to the next 27!!!!!
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Joan Fricker said...

Yes these are soooo good. Great job! Praying for Kameron!!!

Lisa B said...

Okay I am starving so I had to click on this post. From the small picture I thought it was donuts! lol They look so yummy. I kept trying to figure out what you baked them in. I would of never thought to use tuna fish cans. That is brilliant!!

Linda Knox said...

Oh my, those rolls look very, very good. I'm assuming you are not sharing your family recipe with cyberspace people? So very sorry to hear of your grandson's friend's accident. How awful for them. I will keep them in my thoughts. I enjoy your site. Thanks.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Prayers are coming for that poor boy. And, would you share the recipe? Looks fantastic.
I love it when I hear families are still having reunions. Ours, unfortunately, have basically stopped it. My mother is the last of her family, and she has alzheimers pretty bad. And we are now so scattered. Wish it could happen again!

Ellis said...

Hi! Your rolls looks amazing and very yummy! =)
Hugs, Elenor

jrmom said...

The rolls look AMAZING. Sad I missed the reunion this year. But definitely was where I belonged. Uncle Hen would be so proud, and full...I'm sure he would have eaten several buns topped with jam.

Diane said...

OMGoodness, I wish I had one of these to eat right now...YUM!!! Glad you had a good time, I bet these were gobbled up quickly!! Yes, prayers for your grandson's friend....I hope he is doing better!~!!