Thursday, August 7, 2014

I am SO UPSET with myself ...

... I knew better than to try this!

I just wanted a little more shim to give me a better score line on my die cut and everything would have been okay if I hadn't forgotten about the shim I already had positioned under my bottom plate ... grrrrr!   And it was so close to getting all the way through before it went BANG@$#^&^#&^

In a panic I ran upstairs and employed hubby's helpful head & hands!
He meticulously started to disassemble my trusty Vagabond machine to try and get at the gears.

Okay ... so now it's in a zillion pieces and he can get to the gears (which don't appear to be sheered or damaged) ... but this baby is locked up tighter than a drum!!
So, it's time for the 'Bigger Hammer' method ... Air Tools 
(where is Tim the Tool Man Taylor when you need him???  LOL)

 OMG ... couldn't even get the gears to roll and free my precious die cut (which has been out of stock for months) with the air drill ... yikes!!  What have I done?

Plan B ...
Get out the Dremel Tool and slowly cut my top plate hopefully close enough to the cylinder to be able to pull the other side out, which would hopefully release the whole thing and save my die.  If anyone can fix it & save it ... it's MY HUBBY!!  He has the patience of a Saint!
 Did you notice the hammer in the 1st picture?
That was MY solution but he said ... no, no ... let me take a look!


As I type this, he is STILL out in the garage working at freeing my die cut sandwich!  
(Been working on this since noon ... and it's 3:20 ... told you he was a patient man!)

NOW MIND YOU, if this doesn't work and my vagabond is TOAST, I'm luckily prepared with a BACKUP VAGABOND, brand new in the box,  that I purchased at Archiver's when they were going out of business for 50% off.  

And, I can even purchase new long plates.  I just hope he doesn't break my Cheery Lynn Designs Step Card Die Frame ... that would be a problem!!!  
This die is not just out of stock ... it is SOLD OUT!!!

Wish me luck ... I'm headed out to the garage for an update!
Keep your fingers crossed!!!


Mark was able to save everything except the machine!!
But he hasn't given up yet ... read on ...

One of my plates is a bit SHORTER now (see photo to the left) but it's still usable!

My Cheery Lynn Die is a little bent ... no biggie ... that even happens when you run it through the machine!  LOL!

Now as far as the Vagabond itself ... well after putting it back together and a little further investigating, here seems to be the problem.

First we thought it broke the shaft that turns the gear head ... but it turns out the gears INSIDE the motor that run the shaft are what's broken!

But he's not giving up yet!!!   He went online, located the same motor and is placing the order as we speak.  Worth the effort for $40!
In the meantime I'll set up my 'backup' Vagabond and keep crafting. 

He's such a smart guy!!!!


Joan Fricker said...

Oh wow Darlene.....I hope he can fix it. If he can I have one sitting here with broken gears. ha.
Sure hope it works out well for you.

Elizabeth said...

Granted yours is a much much much more upscale die cutting machine than my simple big shot but it is almost impossible to break. It may be the only advantage but it is a big one.

Kristi Schurr said...

good luck Dar! Sorry this happened to you (and your die) I killed my Grand Calibur a couple of weeks ago, the metal gears crumbled in that thing like a cookie! Luckily I was able to get my die out and have a Big Shot for backup so I can still at least die cut!♥

Linda Knox said...

Sure hope your hub can fix this for you. You are a gal after my heart; actually having a spare Vagabond! You rock. Just in case your die gets damaged, a company called Local King Rubber Stamps has a step card die. I've purchased from them and they are a good company.

Desire Fourie said...

Oh no how frustrating, but you are blessed with a precious hubby and a backup machine. Looking forward to the update.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Olga Bester said...

Tx to a million $ hubby....glad we have more in common than crafting.
Mine is also a Mr Fixit all and I could not imagine a life without him.
Enjoy yours every minute of your life.
Glad for you for a backup, too.
Enjoy crafting.
Hugs from Africa!!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

What drama- I can see my hubby coming to the rescue like that and figuring out what the problem is- hoping it works out and that you can resurrect your machine! Ahhhhh

Janice said...

Your hero! What a star he is. With a bit of luck he will fix the machine too...and I just have a feeling he might! Jx

Em Louise Fairley said...

Wow, so glad he was able to fix it! I fly into a panic whenever I can't find anything in my studio, as happened yesterday when I somehow misplaced my corner punch that I'd been using minutes earlier! I still haven't found it, so will need to empty the trash bag when I get in there soon. It's the only place it could be, I've looked everywhere else! Ugh!

Em x
Creative Em

Terri's Cards N' More said...

Hurray for Mark. He is such a clever guy and so handy. Do you think he could teach Larry a few things? Even thought Larry works at Lowe's, he isn't so handy around the house. He will probably have it fixed like new as soon as the new motor comes. Good Luck!

Diane said...

Great minds think alike...the hammer would of been ME all the glad you wee able to save the die (you could of borrowed mine though) if nothing else!! Since I have read top to bottom I already know the thing is "toast" sorrry about that!!