Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sad News and HAPPY news to share!

Happy Weekend my friends!
WARNING:  This post is photo heavy!
The SAD news is I think my original Vagabond machine is trash.  Seems the motor required can only be purchased directly from China and even though the price on the motor itself was reasonable, the shipping is OUTRAGEOUS!!  Not worth it, especially since I had a new Vagabond in the box I can use.  Thanks to hubby for the gallant efforts in an attempt to save it!

Now for the HAPPY NEWS!
Remember last week one day I shared with you a couple photos of the newest addition to my crafting cave?  Well it's finished ... YEAH!  And I'd like to share it with you all!

Recap ... 
The is the wall as you come down the basement steps into my 'CRAFTING CAVE'.
The primary work playing is done to the left of the steps.

 I got the bright idea I'd like a pegboard wall so I could display some of the fun things I've created (and received for other crafting friends) as well as have an 8 foot table that I could use as a 'prototype' for my upcoming craft shows.  This will help me to see how much space I will actually have on my table and how I might want to position my goodies for the best visibility and easy access to my craftshow customers.

SO, hubby got a plan designed in his head and my 'birthday present' was underway!
(That's right!  This was my birthday present!
These are the types of birthday presents I enjoy more than just an evening out to dinner .. you can do that anytime!  LOL!)

Isn't this AWESOME!
So much space!
Trust me, it won't take me long to fill it up!  LOL!

Seeings how the table is at the foot of the steps, hubby had to design a table that would be able to collapse flat against the wall ... just in case we need to carry something up or down the steps that is too large to go around the bend in the space provided with the table in the up position.



Not only did he design a table with a 'drop leaf' but the legs are hinged so the entire table can be dropped flat against the back wall.  Mind you, I'll have to take everything OFF the table to do so but at least the capability is there if/when needed!  He's so darn smart!!!

Now comes the fun!!

I'm not quite finished yet!
I will be decorating the DARS CAVE letters first chance I get and of course as time goes by I'll see a need to move things around a bit I'm sure.  But it's a start and I LOVE IT!!
On the table you see clear media boxes.  This is how I display my categorized cards at the craft shows.  With all the 'extra' goodies in the middle.  i.e. Notepad covers, Post-it Note covers, Gift Card Holders, and I don't even have my Tissue Box Covers up there yet.  Yikes!  
This is going to be so helpful in figuring out how I can display EVERYTHING I have made!

 So there ya go!
Thanks for letting me share my new CAVE addition with you!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
I'd better get busy ... believe it or not, I don't think I have nearly enough cards to fulfill my Fall craft show needs so you know where you can find me!  Yep ... in DARS CAVE!
As always ...


Desire Fourie said...

Wow you seriously need to clone that awesome hubby of yours. He has done such a wonderful job with your table project. And you are so seriously organised. Any tutorials on those post it covers?
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Anonymous said...

Yep, one of the best presents you can get! Bets a night out and an expensive dinner that is for sure. This will last a long time. What a sweet man and a smart man! Sounds like you got a keeper! Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing all the time.

Beth F. said...

What a wonderful transformation!

Pamellia Johnson said...

WOW, amazing! Seems your hubby is crafty in his own right! I have a peg board on the wall behind my door, but I have to keep the items down to a minimum or else the door won't open all the way! Ughh! What a fabulous birthday gift!! :)

Aunty Sue said...

omg thats brill looks like a shop with all that fab stash said...

I love it, your husband is quite handy. How lucky you are to have him to support you in your efforts!

Diane said...

Looks wonderful and how clever that you can "pre" set your display to know how it will look before the shows....and so cool to have a "display" area for your finished projects as well!! Sorry to hear about your Vagabond.....I hope the new one survives longer!!

jrmom said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! He is brilliant. And it looks soooo pretty decorated.

Em Louise Fairley said...

Dar, it is stunning! I found the punch I mentioned in my last comment, not in the trash bag, which I did empty, but instead sat in the corner of one of my desk drawers that must have been opened and it fell into by itself, not the one it usually lives in, which I'd checked 3 times lol.

Em x
Creative Em

Joan Fricker said...

We found out the same thing about parts for the Vagabond. Sad that Sizzix doesn't carry some of them.
Wow what a nice addition to your craft room. You will get so much good use out of that area. Congratulations Mark on being voted a #1 hubby.

KT Fit Kitty said...

I really like the peg-board idea! I showed your blog post to my BF and he's keen on it too (for my new craftroom). We just moved though so it won't be high on the priority list, but at least it's on the list hehe. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy said...

LOVE your craft cave!!

~ Jo ~ said...

It looks great!!! I'm so envious of that pegboard and table space!! Your hubby did a fantastic job! Enjoy it!