Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can you say CONVENTION??

What a fun way to spend a Saturday! My friend, Sandy, will be picking me up at 8:00 a.m. ... headed over for breakfast ... then it's off to Strongsville, OH for an all day Adventures in Stamping. I don't really NEED anything but I have NO doubt I will find some cool things that I WANT!! We're hoping to run into some other stamping friends there too ... maybe all do lunch! Whatever ... it's Girls Day Out! and I'm excited!!!

Hope you all have a great day ... is there anything I can pick up for you?? TeeHee!


What a great time! I found a few new things at Convention and I'm so anxious to give them a try and share them with you! Tomorrow maybe?? I learned a few new techniques and was thrilled to run into a few local fellow stampers (Tammy [and daughter], Anita, Carol, Laurel, Crystal) and even one from Kentucky who was in town visiting friends/family. What a fun day ... I just wanted to "buy it all" ...


  1. WOW! Lucky you!! Have fun Darlene! Sounds like a great day! ;)

  2. Hope you have a fun day. You deserve it! Wish I could go with you!

  3. Darlene, I WAS there today too! Wish I would have read this sooner, I could have met you! Darn! Well maybe next time.

  4. Can you say JEALOUS! I'm glad you had a great time...would've loved to have been there. Can't wait to see your new additions.

  5. Can't wait to see want you create.


  6. hey darlene, it sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends and new friends. I'm excited for you. I imagine when I go on the cruise next week it's going to be the same excitement for me!

  7. How lucky you are to attend a convention. I have a shoebox event coming up in November and I can't wait :)



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