Monday, October 27, 2008

Dancing In Detroit

What a great weekend!! It was so nice to visit with our friends again after two years and the dancers were AWESOME!!!

The "girls" were out for a night on the town in Detroit and what a time we had!! (L-R: Jennifer, Nancy, Me, Sara). Sara got the tickets, did the driving and kept us all in stitches all night!!! (Sara is Nancy's daughter). It was so great that Mark felt up to coming along and hung out with Nancy's husband (Mark) for an evening of football/baseball on the TV and there was plenty of half-time food for the "boys" to eat ... Nancy made sure of that!!

If you like dancing and have never seen this show, you should really check it out ... these kids are amazing!! We had pretty good seats but bringing the binoculars along was a great idea for those "close up" views!! These kids danced "continually" and the show was so well put together! I can't wait until next season!! Being an x-dancer, I can "feel their pain" and know how exhausted they were at the end of the night!! What a GREAT time ...

Thanks for stopping by ... just had to share the fun time with you all and hope your weekend was as much fun as mine was!!!


Amy Johnson said...

Glad you had so much fun. I can't believe you used to be a dancer yourself! You'll have to tell us more about that sometime.

scrappinmominky said...

sounds like an awesome time. I love girls night out.


morgan said...

hey nanna just check'en out your blog. its really good. i'm so proud of you(sniffle, sniffle, tear, tear). i like the picture from so you think you can dance. next time it comes to town let me know so i can go to. i've always wanted to be a dancer.

love ya neener