Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

Here in NE Ohio, we have a "winter storm" in affect and they are predicting up to 12" of snow today. At the moment, we probably have 3 or 4 inches (guessing ... haven't gone out yet). Even though I'm not looking forward to going out and cleaning the driveway, it is really pretty to sit in the livingroom and look out across the back yard and watch it come down! In fact, it's SO pretty, I just had to get a couple photos.

The closeup photo is one of my holly bushes in the front of the house ... already getting bogged down with the weight of the current snow. The other photo I took by opening the sliding glass door (slightly) out onto the deck on the back of the house and just point and click. If you click on the photo (for a larger view), you can see we have a "picnic area" up in the woods complete with a large picnic table my husband and granddaughter made a couple years ago. We love this area in the summer ... I plant flowers along with the perannials around the trees and we even have a burn pit where we have small campfires and roast weiners & marshmellows. Don't think we'll be doing much of that today!!!

Looks like a good day to stay indoors and stamp!!!!! That is once I get my messy craftroom cleaned up so I can find everything. Mark is having a good day today and is just enjoying watching the snow (oh sure ... he doesn't have to go clean the driveway, LOL). Hope you are warm & snuggly where ever you are today ... stay safe & happy!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Edit after snow quite (more yet to come) ...
I took this picture through the sliding door in the kitchen and zoomed in on the picnic table to give you an idea of how much snow we were blessed with this morning. I'd say we have a good 8" so far ... I can judge a little better now since I just came back in from cleaning the driveway. I not really complaining about doing the driveway because I love doing this sort of thing (cutting the grass, snowblowing the driveway, you know outside stuff) and DH has bought me a VERY nice, large snowblower that really makes my job MUCH easier!! In fact, I went over and did a couple of the neighbors driveways that don't have
snowblowers. This kind of snow is really hard to shovel and besides ... I was having fun playing in the snow!!


JAR said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Stay warm!

Amy Johnson said...

I'm jealous you got fresh snow! It was suppose to snow here, but it never came. I need to change the header on my blog, since XMAS is over, but I'm waiting for some fresh snow to take some winter garden pictures.

Anjou Krelovich said...

That is a LOT of snow! Glad your having fun in it! Stay warm.

jrmom said...

The view out your sliding glass doors has to be the best...all year. I can picture Pap with a cup of hot tea in his Goofy mug reading his paper enjoying the view. I'm glad you had fun "playing" in the snow too.

Kris Dickinson said...

I wish we could get some's SO dry outside. Love your pics Darlene!