Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Birds

Hello my friends!

I hope to have a couple cards to share with you later in the day but for now I wanted to share the photos I took yesterday only moments after filling the bird feeders.
I have three different types of bird feeders in the backyard that we can view from our kitchen table looking out the sliding glass door. Over to the left of the backyard is our picnic area where there is a bird bath, picnic table, bird houses and a squirrel feeder. I try to feed the squirrels away from the birds so the birds have a chance at feeding before the squirrels eat it all!!
Well, today, the squirrels didn't even get a chance at the feed before the "Grackles" swarmed in (by the hundreds) and began to gobble it all up. Notice photo #2 ... that is my squirrel feeder hanging on the tree which the birds are sitting in ... feeding on the corn/peanut mixture I put out for the squirrels. What a site ... the tree tops were FILLED with these black birds just waiting their turn at the feeders (looked like an Alfred Hitchcock movie). And the poor "little birds" like the wrens, chickadees and cardinals didn't stand a chance until the grackles had their fill.
In fact, so many grackles tried feeding out of my double plate feeder that they broke one of the plates and that's it laying on the ground in photo #1 (right side feeder). I always feel bad when the little birds can't get into the feeders but I guess the big birds have to eat too and it's really tough this time of the year when everything is frozen. I'm sure they'll get their fill and move on ... I have more feed and will refill everything and the little guys can have their fun later in the day!!
Thanks for stopping by ... please come back later when I'll have my card posted for the Crafty Secrets challenge today which is "Lost & Found" ... should be fun!!


Amy Johnson said...

Oh, how neat! I use to feed the birds, but I had to stop because of all the other unwanted 'critters' it was attracting: coons, field rats, squirrels, rabbits, etc. But I really enjoyed looking out my window and seeing a flurry of activity. shame I had to stop.

Morissa Sweeney (SCS - stampinsweeney) said...

I am looking out at our feeder right now and see a couple chubby cardinals gobbling down seed. Enjoy the snow!