Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More D.C. sights . . .

Morning All!
We are getting ready to head out for GOOD AFTERNOON ALL!  We are BACK from another adventurous day of exploring our nation's capitol and thought I'd share just a few images from yesterday's fun.  

We started our day with a long walk through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum ...

 From Dinosaurs to Gems ... I repeat ... SO MUCH TO SEE!


Check out this piece of Quartz ... looks like something I could 'case' using masking, ink, sponges & my Stampscape stamps to create a card!  (on my todo list ... you'll be seeing this photo again I'm sure!)

Unfortunately we couldn't go up in the Washington Monument ...the scaffolding you see around it is because they are checking every square inch of it since there was damage done during a tornado back in 2011.  
Better safe than sorry!!

Visiting the Vietnam War Memorial was a MUST on my bucket list.  I had a couple of high school friends who died in Vietnam and was glad to be able to thank them for their sacrifice and say a prayer for them and all the 58,000 men & women who lost their lives in Vietnam.

An item on hubby's bucket list was to see this gentleman.  Yep, good ole Abe Lincoln!  I visited the Lincoln Memorial when I was about 8 years old with my family but Mark had never been to D.C. so, this was quite a thrill for the both of us!

Below is the view from the top step of the Lincoln Memorial looking out across the Reflecting Pool towards the Washington Monument  . . .

and then the Capital Building at the far end of the National Mall.

Again ... sorry for this post being 'photo heavy' but like I said before ... SO MUCH TO SEE!  Later this evening I hope to download today's photos and get a prepost ready to share with you in the morning.  Today's adventures included a bus tour through Georgetown (where all the 'rich' people live), and an amazing walk through The National Cathedral (breathtaking).  We started through the Museum of American History but hubby was 'wearing out' so we'll start there again tomorrow.

Enough walking for today ... time for dinner & relaxation.
Thanks for stopping by ... HUGS from WASHINGTON, D.C.


Chriss America Real said...

We live just outside of DC on the Chesapeake Bay, we get to go here all the time. Isn't it just a great place? I love it so much! My sister lived in Georgetown in 1972, she bought her house for $15,000. Can you believe it? So glad you are enjoying your trip!



Wendy L said...

I love looking at other peoples pics, so interesting. xxxx