Thursday, April 25, 2013

Walking ... Walking ... Walking ...

Hello my friends!
Here are a few more photos to share with you that tells the story of what hubby & I have been up to the past couple of days.  There are SO MANY amazing sites to see here in Washington, D.C. and hopefully our feet will hold up through one more day of walking today!  LOL!  (this getting old is for the birds!)

On Day 3 of our adventure, we once again hopped aboard the Big Bus Tour Line and this time we took the Yellow Loop visiting historical Georgetown and various museums.  The most noted was our visit to the National Cathedral!  MASSIVE and AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!  You will see hubby's back in several of these photos ... 1) to give you an idea of how large this facility is and 2) because I am the photo taker and he's more the 'in depth explorer'.

I have many more photos of the stained glass ... so many beautiful & different styles ... just gorgeous!

On yesterday's (Day 4) adventure, we decided to go through the Air/Space Museum and the Art Museums.  Here's a taste of what we viewed ... again ... AMAZING!

Talk about TIGHT SPACES ... WOW!!

Over at the National Gallery of Art ... here are a few of the beautiful pieces of art we experienced.

Well ... hubby is up enjoying a cup of coffee and it's time for me to get ready for another day of sight seeing!  Hope you've enjoyed viewing some of the sights we are seeing ... and, if you ever get the opportunity, this is one  city you need to tour through!  So much history & beauty!  One helpful hint:  If you do visit our nation's capitol, use the Metro subway system to get around and once in D.C. the easiest way to get around is the Big Bus Tours ... be sure to check em out!

Time to go ... catch you later!
Thanks for stopping by!


Wendy L said...

Very busy lady and pics are gorgeous and clear too, xxx

Patricia St Martin said...

Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Patricia

Beth F. said...

Such Amazing pictures! A gorgeous place for sure!