Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Repurposing Project

There's a story behind this project . . . here's what happened!

My older sister, Linda, has been a Hair Stylist for more than 40 years and of course is MY hair stylist.  As you can see my by avatar, I wear my hair SHORT (always have) which means that I have an exposed neckline when all is said and done, which requires a CLEAN SHAVE with each hair cut.  Well, my sister doesn't believe in using 'clippers' to clean you neckline ... she does it the old fashioned way with a 'straight edge' razor.  Now, if you've ever had someone use a straight edge on your neckline when it's been through a few other haircuts ... YOU KNOW that less than sharp edge is rough and painful on your sensitive neck!  SO, over the years she has learned that she needs to PUT A NEW BLADE in that razor of hers before using it on me!!

Now, it was only recently that she commented to me how much she DOES NOT like just putting those 'dull' edged blades (that are still sharp enough to cut you) down in to the trash can ... so I came up with a safe & decorative way for her to dispose of those nasty things!!   HENCE THE FOLLOWING PROJECT . . .

By simply cutting a slot in the top of the lid of an empty Crystal Lite container and wrapping some decorative patterned paper around it,  now she has a place to dispose of her old blades which can still look pretty on her work station and once filled can simply be TOSSED AWAY!!

1.  Cut slit in lid with craft knife
2.  Wrap & adhere 6" x 8" piece of dp with Scor-tape.
3.  Cut a matching piece for the lid (recut slot) ... optional
4.  Decorate with stickers, etc.

 VIOLA!  A 'Disposable Used Cutting Blades Container'

Here are two I have made and will give to her when I go for my hair appointment on Tuesday.  I'll let you know how many more of these little gems she (and possibly the other hairdressers in the shop) will be needing me to make!    Hey ... it's always good when you can repurpose an item ... RIGHT!  And who knows ... maybe I should put a patten on this idea!  LOL!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!
Till next time ...
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Jane Wetzel said...

great idea Darlene! I make sets of cards for my hairdresser as gifts for the holidays and etc..she loves it and this would be something I could do too! ...u know where this is when I come over!! :) hugs, jane

*Vicki* said...

Hello friend!! :) Oh now I know that I have saved tons of these for something...this is why!! LOL!!

Gorgeous containers hun!! Love the papers you've used here!! Hope you're doing well!! HUGS