Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Recipe to Share

Good Evening All!
I hope you're having a wonderful day!  

I've been extremely busy this week and hubby has been a huge help with creating most of the meals.  Today he wanted to play with the new food processor my daughter bought us for Christmas and decided to buy a head of cabbage and make coleslaw.  So I told him to save the outer leaves and I would make Pigs-In-A-Blanket 
 ... aka Cabbage Rolls 
 ... aka Stuffed Cabbage.

Here are the ingredients I used:

Outer leaves from 1 head of cabbage (7-8)
Ground Meat ( 1#)
Boil In A Bag Rice (1 pkg)
Home canned Salsa (1 pint) ... you can use store bought.

Place your leaves in a large pot, cover with water and boil (about 5-7 min) until the leaves become transparent and pliable (be careful NOT to overcook).

In a bowl combine your ground meat & cooked rice.  
I added a touch of garlic powder & onion powder.

Place 1/2 of your jar of salsa in the bottom of a casserole dish and reserve the other half for over top of your cabbage rolls.

Once your cabbage leaves are precooked ... transfer them onto a cookie sheet covered with paper towels to drain and cool down a bit so you can handle them.

You'll want to remove the center (stem part) from each leaf then cut the remainder of the leaf in half which gives you 2 rolls from each leaf.

Place a spoon full of the meat mixture into one end of the leaf and roll up.  
Place 'end flap DOWN' in the dish to help keep them closed.

I had a few extras so I just placed them on top of the bottom layer.

Once they are all rolled and in the dish, cover with the remaining salsa (might need a little touch of water if your salsa was super thick like mine) ... then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Oh Why Not! 
I added some Mozzarella cheese to the top before baking too!

Place in a 350 degree oven for 30-40 minutes and Viola!



See ... I do more than just make pretty cards!  LOL!
Hope you'll try this recipe and if you do, please come back and leave me a comment ... I'd love to hear from you!  

Thanks for stopping by and as always ...


Asmah Zainal Abidin said...

Hi Darlene :)
Yummy and very creative. Thank you for sharing this recipe {can I switch to chicken meat because I don't eat pork}.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Sure Asmah ... I don't see why not! In fact, I might try that myself next time! Thanks for the idea! Glad you stopped by!

Charlene said...

Looks yummy Darlene

Priscilla said...

NUM NUM NUM NUM. This looks so yummy!! Thanks for sharing. I may just have to make these sometime :)

Ellis said...

They look great and yummy Darlene! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Miranda Slagboom-de Groot said...

That looks yammy.
Hugs Miranda

Shelly Parker - Shellys Images said...

ooooh....Yep, I will be making these SOON. I need to add your recipe to my ziplist. Thanks friend!

ursula Uphof said...

These do look yummny, will have to see what salsa I can find. Thanks for sharing Darlene.

Pattie G said...

Oh Darlene, these look so yummy! I am going to the grocery store in a little while and I might add these on my list...

Pattie ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for posting the cabbage roll recipe. My mum used to make it and I never wrote it down before she passed away. These are just like she made them.

jrmom said...

YUM-O!!! Pig in the blanket's have always been one of my favorites...they look fabulous. I've never added cheese...will try that next time. Ya know, if you don't feel like rolling them up you can layer the salsa, meat and rice mixture and a lasagna and bake it. Just as tasty and a little less work.