Saturday, February 23, 2019

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hello Friends and Happy Weekend!

We are to have a rainy day today and a very WINDY day tomorrow so you can guess where you'll find me since the sun isn't shining!  LOL
Yep ... right here in Dar's Crafting Cave!  

The one project I intended on completing over the winter months was to REDO my collection of DIES.   (I promise to share photos when it's all done ... nice & neat!  lol)   Yes, most people who know me, know I have a LOT of dies and have often been asked how I store them ... well here's the method I found works best for me.

Most of my dies are housed in 7x9"  3-ring binders.  I have them sorted by categories ... i.e. circles, rectangles, flowers, leaves, birds, hearts, baby ... etc., etc. And, they are stacked on a 4 foot table at the end of my other working tables (I'll share a complete photo when it's all done and clean lol)

 As you can see, many are 'bulging' and  need divided into a second binder.  Some are actually already in more than one binder but to make stacking easier, I want to divide them one more time.  I obviously didn't realize when I started 'collecting' dies that I would end up with so many ... but it is what it is and now I just want to make it look nice & organized!  Believe it or not, I DO know what dies I have and where they are ... well, MOST of them!  LOL

The only one's I have a defined color binder for are my Tutti Design Dies which are all housed in Purple Binders and are in a  consecutive numbering system by Release.  I have even created a nice cover label using the Tutti logo.

The extra purple binders on the bottom shelf are a couple extra binders for future dies.  One binder holds my extra clear sheets w/magnetic sheet ... all ready to go when new dies arrive.  (see the red & white binders on the right side?  those are all Christmas dies and they too need redone since they are getting quite heavy and difficult to deal with)

Within the binders I use clear sleeves (purchased at Staples)

and, inside each sleeve is a magnetic sheet.  These sheets are actually Magnetic Vent Covers purchased from Lowe's or Home Depot and they are 8x15 in size.  I cut them at 5" which gives me three from each sheet and there are 3 sheets to a pack.  The back side of these sheets are white so that gives me the option of writing the name of the die/ the company and the item number for each die on that particular magnetic sheet.

As seen here ...

I must tell you ... my craft cave is well loved and not always neat & tidy BUT when I get this project completed, I hope to have my binders in better color sequence & front labeling verses the array of color & labels as I do now.  I must admit, I started out well ... all of the royal blue binders are the Circles, Squares, Rectangles & Ovals ... then it all went kaput from there!  LOL 

Well hubby is putting up a new ceiling fan in our Great Room and he needs a hand so I'd best say goodbye for now.  Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you find time to do something that makes you HAPPY!!

As always . . .


  1. Very similar to my system! My binders are all color coded for mfgs. too!

  2. Okay, just WOW!!! I love the vent covers and use them all the time too. They work wonderfully. I am so impressed by your organization!!

  3. You are ambitious. It will be nice when finished.

  4. Great organization, I made a similar work with mine, but my binders are as your red ones... :D Too heavy to move!! LOL And surely you have more dies than me :)
    Waiting to see your craftroom! :)

  5. Wow, look at all those dies! Heaven! And so many Tutti! Love how you've color coded their binders, and the vent cover magnetic sheets are perfect. I started out with a binder and magnetic sheets, but didn't know about these vent covers. Much better than the heavy sheets I was using. No way could I ever store this many dies, but if I had the room... You get a lot of use out of them. I love organizing!

  6. Wow, I think you have more than me, and I thought I had a lot, LOL! I think you are doing very well with your organizing, I have mine similarly, organized but most of mine are in the Artbin containers, I do have one folder like yours but smaller in size that I have the stray ones that I don't have many from that company, looks like you have it well under control to me :)


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