Sunday, November 15, 2009


I heard hammering going on outside my house yesterday so of course I had to be nosey and see what was going on! When I lifted the garage door, there was our neighbor's work truck in our driveway and the guys were still unloading parts to this very "unique" playhouse! I just had to run back in the house and grab my camera so I could share this with you all!!

Phil & Christine Adkins are the wonderful couple who live next door and they have 2 little girls that I just ADORE ... Olivia and Emily. Phil is always doing something SPECIAL for "his girls" and they were thrilled when they saw their new playhouse. Our properties ajoin and Phil was concerned that I might be upset with this HUGE RED HOUSE at the corner of our property but I told him I thought it was adorable and I knew the girls would have great fun with it.
By the time the guys got it all put together last evening it was dark and the girls didn't have a chance to check it out. But as soon as they were home from church today they ran for the FIREHOUSE PLAYHOUSE and were having a ball checkout out all the neat things inside & out.

Look at the smiles on their faces ... PRICELESS!! This unique playhouse comes complete with a slide down pole, a bell that you pull the rope to ring, a loft inside for sleeping, photos of past & present fire dogs on the walls, SPARKLY the firedog, a hydrant, and a firetruck ... (see Emily driving, teehee) ... HOW COOL IS THIS PLAYHOUSE!!!
The girls are planning a "picnic" at the firehouse playhouse the next nice day and Mark & I are invited! How special is that!!!!!
No cards today. After all the playhouse excitement, we also had a visit from my Harley riding cousins ... they were riding in the area and stopped to say HI! Having a half dozen Harley's in my driveway should raise a few comments in the neighborhood!!! LOL!!! The stayed for a couple of hours ... the guys watched the football game and the girls were downstairs going through all of my cards and making purchases. Yes, of course I gave them "a deal" ... after all, they are my relatives!! Before they left, I gave them each a jar of my homemade Piccalli ... we are all "country kids" so I knew they'd be thrilled and they were! WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY I'VE HAD!!! I hope you have too! Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for the DIGITAL INK CO challenge ... see you then!!


jrmom said...

Lucky, Lucky Emo & O!!! I hope to see pics of you and Pap having Tea. The title will have to be "Mrs. Nesbitt". So glad to hear you had such a wonderful day. Good neighbors and family...truly a blessing!

Marcy said...

Wowza! That is one amazing, unique playhouse! Looks like it will be very well loved by a couple of adorable girls too! Glad you had a nice afternoon visiting with your relatives. See you tomorrow on SCS!

Kim said...

How much fun! I sure didn't have a playhouse like that! Sounds like a fun afternoon by all!
Kim xXx

Julie said...

Looks like there was a bit of excitement at your house today, Darlene! No wonder you didn't have any stamping time! Have fun at the picnic--should be fun! See you tomorrow at SCS!

~*Joni said...

Hi Dar! I am so happy my kids are asleep so that they didn't see this playhouse. haha! Although I enjoy seeing your wonderful creations, I LOVE the pictures from today! Having a peek at what's going on in the neighborhood is such a joy for me. This house is sooo cool, I would only dream of it when I was little. The girls are lucky to have such a loving daddy and an even sweeter neighbor to enjoy this with them!
I love that snippet about your cousins and all the Harleys in the driveway. What a fun neighborhood you live in! It sounds like it was an incredible weekend, you truly deserved it. ;) Happy Monday Darlene!

craft_princess said...

WOW! What lucky kids!