Monday, October 19, 2009

Craft Show Creations ...

Good Monday Evening! I hope everyone has had a great start to their week! Some folks have asked me why I haven't been doing as many challenges as I normally do ... well the answer to that question is simple ... I'm preparing for my first craft show ... Nov. 7th, and I'm not really sure what will sell and what won't so I'm trying to have a variety.

Besides making sure ALL of my cards are in sleeves w/envelopes, I've been busy making money holders and gift card holders. I thought you might like to have a peek at my creations.

I know I find myself giving more cash/gift cards to family these days because the "kids" in our family are all teens or older and I have no clue what they might want for Christmas ... so this is the easy way out for us and I thought there's probably a lot more folks out there with the same problem ... hence the holders. I have more made than what I show in the photos because I'm made at least 3 of each pattern.

Then I got thinking that these would probably be needed for Birthdays as much as Christmas so I've been working on that angle too. I have several of the gift card holders made but need to get some cash holders prepared.

Although today I think more folks give gift cards vs cash! What are your thoughts on this subject?? I could really use your advice!!

Here is a peek at the inside of both types of holders. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I think I'm on the right track with this project ... at least I hope so!!
My friend Sandy is doing the craftshow with me and some of the other projects we'll have for sale are: Altered Composition Books (school colors), Tubble Tile Coasters, Light Switch Plates, Altered Candles, Boxed Card Sets (birthday, thank you, assorted & Christmas), Clear Christmas Ornaments and whatever else we can get made in time, LOL!!
Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE ... suggestions are welcomed!!!


Kay said...

How FUN! You are like the energizer bunny, and I never know what you're gonna be up to next! On the day of the craft fair, you can REALLY say "cash or credit" and mean it! LOL Great work!

Maria Matter said...

wow, you have been busy!!!
Your work is so beautiful and creative will all sell! Better make a money holder to carry all your money home! :)
take care
Blessings, Maria

cards4u said...

WOW girl you have been busy!! These are wonderful -great idea to make gift card and money holders!

Jessica G. said...

Good luck at the craft show -- your selections are awesome!

I'm a fan of gift cards, but our DDs are thrilled with either cards or cash!

Teri said...

Fabulous! Love the papers you have used! You'll have to do us a tute!
I also find bookmarks and fridge magnets go down well when I do craft fairs.
Teri x

Kim said...

Wowzers!!!!! You have been a busy little fairy haven't you! Love them all! Good luck at your fair. You are so very creative and inspiring!
Kim xXx

Kim said...

Wowzers!!!!! You have been a busy little fairy haven't you! Love them all! Good luck at your fair. You are so very creative and inspiring!
Kim xXx

chercroppin said...

Girl, you and Sandy are going to SELL-OUT at that craft fair! All of your creations ROCK!

I know in my circle of friends/fam, I would have to say that Gift Cards are used more often that cash as gifts. However, Cash gifts do still get doled out. I know personally, my kids (22 & 19) would rather have the cash to shop wherever they want!

I LOVE your idea of a craft fair, and I reallllllly need to check to see when there is one by me! Best of luck w/that hun! : )

Crystal said...

WOW these are AWESOME much fun, girl you have been busy!!! Thanks for sharing all your awesome work and have a BLAST at the show!

Janine said...

You must be drowning in crafts!! It all looks fabulous. Hope you do well.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow lady!! You've been a really busy bee!!! I think these creations are fantastic and make for wonderful ideas!! :) I wish you the best for your craft show and have fun with it!! HUGS

Micki said...

WOW, girl.... these are great.... wow...wanna come to my house???? I'm thinking you'd motivate me to get my stuff done, lol.


Jackie said...

wow..... someones been VERY busy... dont forget to let us all know how you get on at the craft fayre.... these are all fabby and I reckon you will have a sellout... brilliant x